This is How to End Ransomware

This is How to End Ransomware

We can rid the world of ransomware attacks to such an extent they are no longer a likely risk vector! It is possible, but we all have to work together.

This is not a sales pitch; in fact, I explain why no product or service can truly deliver us from the tightening jaws of ransomware. This is an exploration of an idea that will deliver all the criteria of success for the world to collaboratively end ransomware!

It all starts with one simple concept: criminalize the payments of digital ransoms.

It is controversial proposal.

The act of establishing a criminal law prohibiting the payment of ransoms will start a chain reaction that will ultimately end in the undermining of ransomware attacks across the globe.


The key is how one act will set in motion a cascading chain of events, like dominoes falling one after another, to reach our goals. This video explains the 10 steps that will happen.

In today’s video, I break down that cascading set of events that would reverse the incredible growth trend of this digital attack and end ransomware as we know it. Be sure to stay for the end, where I list all the arguments against this idea, gathered from discussions with peers. I will dispel them all in next week’s video.

This video explains the 10 steps that will happen:

  • 0:00 End Ransomware for Everyone 
  • 2:40 Relevance & Complexity Factors 
  • 4:50 Success Criteria 
  • 7:20 Plan Proposal 
  • 8:34 Phases of Success 
  • 10:16 Step 1 — Law is Passed 
  • 11:50 Step 2 — Grace Period Ends 
  • 17:13 Step 3 — Money Flow Constricts 
  • 20:19 Step 4 — Attacker Desperation 
  • 22:52 Step 5 — Attacks Decrease 
  • 24:24 Step 6 — Solutions & Enforcement Rise 
  • 27:16 Step 7 — Success is Promoted 
  • 31:17 Step 8 — Attackers Shift Targets 
  • 32:29 Step 9 — Other Nations Follow 
  • 33:27 Step 10 Ransomware is History 
  • 36:45 Arguments Against (primer for next video)

Let’s walk the logic and think strategically several moves ahead.

The ability to undermine ransomware is within our grasp!


Thanks for watching. Let’s communicate and collaborate together. That is how we make cybersecurity strong in protecting the global digital ecosystem.

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