The cold war is over ? and The Red Dragon won?

By Abelblog | cyberpunk | 5 Feb 2021


According to the financial times, China was the only economy in expansion, managing to increase its GDP by 6.5% in the fourth quarter of 2020 while other large economies suffered great damage without thinking how long they could get out of the collapse.

Well, maybe we can think that their announcement that they eradicated poverty is something of an exaggeration since let's not forget they are communists, old habits are not changed.


Of course without counting the exile of people in concentration camps, and the cultural genocide
(The UN estimates that more than a million Muslims are held in these concentration camps)
plus the population reduction due to "covid SARS 2"
Of course there are not so many poor now ...


But everything points to one place, the economy and if we see it with those eyes, investments are going to China as we see an emerging economy and possibly safer than their country.


The new terms

Image result for china vs usa

While Trump waged his failed trade war, Xi is dedicated to strengthening relations with ASEAN. and RCEP unification
(ASEN) The Association of Southeast Asian Nations,                                                                                                                                                                Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Brunei, Laos
(RCEP)Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership : ASEAN  + CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZELAND,AUSTRALIA, AND SOUTH KOREA 


"an agreement where the United States does not appear and possibly China would make an agreement especially to add the United States under its terms"
Not to mention the new investments towards europe and its new silk road
becoming a very attractive commercial partner for Germany, with new investments in electric cars.




And the latest Chinese move is the new export control law, a law in which certain products considered as strategic require government approval.These strategic products will be chosen by the government, and this list could be anything that comes to mind.

A new weapon, which they can use on any country or any company that opposes the Chinese regime.

and the list continues ......possibly a second part would be needed to follow these new movements

without a doubt the only winner in the year of the rat was china.



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