Coronavirus the murder of the fiat money

By Abelblog | cyberpunk | 15 Dec 2020

Hi, I'm abel, this will be my first post here, previously I wrote some time ago, I hope you like it.


The world as we know it will never be as it was before. the beginning of the pandemic forced us to exploit to the maximum the digital world that we built in order to survive
,being at home saves us from getting infected, but cash?
The coronavirus could stay on a bill for more than 4 days according to new research,
so this leaves us wondering if at any time the government will do something about it,
or people themselves will be afraid to use fiat money for fear of becoming infected.

Maybe this virus is looking at the end, but if we experience a similar one?


Could it be that the covid virus accelerated the adoption of electronic money and cryptocurrencies?


Government adoption


While China continues to experience its electoral currency (the digital yuan),
other countries such as Venezuela, from their ordinary citizens who use it to be able to have a mode to be able
to make purchases,almost impossible to use, due to the high number of money bills to buy something
due to the fact that their currency is almost impossible to use due to its devaluation from 1370%
Even his dictator using it to make bitcoin payments to Turkey, Iran and other allied countries.  

There are many giants that are now interested in crypto such as PayPal.
Now there are more people with ease to enter the cryptocurrency system.



While some people think of freedom which gives us cryptocurrencies, the irony is that it is being an experiment more used by countries with dictators.


In this case, the electronic yuan could become the two sides of the coin, this by being able to give it full control of all transactions, the Chinese government would have a currency like a bitcoin nemesis.
centralized, and with full tracking control of all transactions, the Chinese government could know everything about everyone.





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