Where will the ETH miners go once ETH moves to Proof Of Stake?

By CyB3RNooB | CyB3RNooBs Posts | 5 Jul 2020

Hello folks,

 I wanted to touch base on the topic of when ETH finally moves from POW mining to POS.  As I understand the minimum amount of ETH required to stake is 32 ETH. I myself do not have any ETH at this time, so I will not be participating in POS. The question is will the ETH miners move to the ETC blockchain? Or will they find another Ethash coin to mine? I myself am a ETC fan, I cant help it...I know there are other Ethash coins to mine and other algorithms that AMD and Nvidia GPUs use, so I think the miners will move to the next highest profitable coin for their rigs to mine.  The ETH POS was supposed to launch in January 2020 but that has not happened yet , and it seems like ETH has been just getting pushed back time and time again for this transition.

 I myself as a miner I will probably stick with ETC and get into some staking on other coins such as Cardano, Algorand and maybe Tezos. It is summer here and my rig is off because it is too hot , so I need an alternative for my crypto earnings. Let me know what you guys/gals think about ETH miners and where are they gonna go once this happens. 



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I have been in the crypto space since April of 2016. I have learned so much about it, from learning to mine crypto to using wallets to send transactions. By no means am I an expert at all, I am an enthusiast in the space.

CyB3RNooBs Posts
CyB3RNooBs Posts

I am new to blogging and am going to give it a try. There is much information in the crypto space that people need to be more informed and educated. Whether it is mining related, upcoming projects, exchanges , or just current news.

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