Will the miners' low earnings harm the Bitcoin network?

Will the miners' low earnings harm the Bitcoin network?

When I looked at the comments of a few users, I saw that it was difficult for mining and I wanted to look at the general situation.
As far as I can see, there is a general problem, not a problem with miners.

Before Halving, they were still earning less than before, and after Halving, this rate dropped by 44%.
The riot I received when I spoke to a miner was as follows; I used to earn $ 100 a day, now around $ 50
I was winning and I ordered an alrt. Now I will return these tools back already old devices were causing problems
I will meet from my pocket.

Looking at this revolt, I saw that the miners, who are already hard to work with, are even more difficult now.
This made the miners' job very difficult after the halving.

If this process continues in this way, miners will quit jobs and a major Bitcoin network damage will occur.
This bitcoin network damage will cause the processing time in Bitcoins to be extended and even indirectly.
investors will now invest in other cryptocurrencies.

Already miners' device maintenance costs and new device costs increased, so most miners had to pay from their earnings.

The problem of these miners should be solved urgently, and the rate of earnings should increase.

With the wish that we all win ...

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