Surprising Bitcoin forecast for next year from the famous analyst. (His guesses were out.)


Henrik Zeberg, one of the best-known analysts, with a tweet, the price of Bitcoin will drop further and soon.
He said he would land around $ 1760.

We can think that this prediction can be realistic by looking at the big decreases of Bitcoin recently.

According to Henrik Zeberg, Bitcoin will experience a major decline in the near future due to the increase in real rates.

Statement to be heard by Henrik Zeberg:

Henrik Zeberg said that Bitcoin will drop, and that next year the big bulls will be in competition with each other.
and said he thinks Bitcoin will rise to $ 54,000 in 2021. However, this output will be up to $ 94,000 at most
he added.

We also need to think about Henrik Zeberg, who has made many predictions before.

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