CREAM Finance (A DeFi Gem That No One Talks About)

By CuriousCrypto | curiouscrypto | 13 Aug 2020


What is C.R.E.A.M Finance?

C.R.E.A.M stands for “Crypto Rules Everything Around Me” which is their native token $CREAM. CREAM Finance is a DeFi system that introduces novel solutions in lending, exchanges, derivatives, payments, market making, and asset tokenization.

CREAM Finance went live literally 10 days ago on August 03, 2020 with its YOLO Alpha launch having $CREAM token reward pool.
And within just 4 days of its launched, their LIVE product has accumulated 48 million USD or 121,519 ETH of Total Value Locked.


Comparison With Other Projects

As of now, this coin is not yet listed on the DeFi Pulse statistics. But if we look at the data, the top 16th coin on the list is Bancor which has $32.2M of value locked. And Bancor’s $BNT token already has $170M market cap.

On the other hand, Yearn.Finance is top 10th on DeFi Pulse’s list with a whopping $132.7M of value locked. And Yearn.Finance’s $YFI token has $162M market cap.

As of today, CREAM Finance have a little over $30M of value locked on their YOLO Alpha launch. And starting today August 12th will be the launched of their Beta Liquidity Mining.

CREAM Finance’s $CREAM was just listed today on the DeFi list of “” with just having $1.3M market cap. REPEAT THIS TO YOURSELF 10X. “ONLY $1.3M market cap.” If you multiply $1.3M by 10, it’s only $13M which is still ultra micro cap compared to the other projects of the same level.


The Downside

The downside of this project is that the CREAM Finance team doesn’t seem to put much effort on their marketing strategy. With their product market fit, it seems like they don’t want others to know yet about this low market cap gem.

We don’t know the reasons why CREAM Finance team does not make any marketing effort but what we know is that they did not have any ICO or IEO. Maybe they want to focus first on building the perfect product? Maybe they want the big boys to accumulate first before pumping it to the moon? Or maybe they truly believe on the long term success of the project and they’re just confident of its organic growth? Well, MAYBE.

And also right now the $CREAM token is only available on Uniswap and Balancer which makes the barrier of entry to buy this token difficult. They are not available yet on any centralized exchange which makes me more bullish because it’s still on its very early stages. Imagine getting the news one day that this has been listed on Binance or Kucoin!


The Upside

2017’s ICO craze grew the crypto market more than 100X from Q1 to Q4. Right now, with the DeFi craze, it really seems like 2017 all over again. I can really feel the FOMO on the air right now and this could just be the start of a HUGE crypto market bull run.

Bitcoin and Ethereum did not even went back to previous all time high yet. And so I do think the upside of 10X from here is very conservative. Be sure to do your own research as this is not an investment advice but what I’m pretty sure of is that if you pick and HODL the right DeFi rocket ship in the next 3 – 6 months, this will surely bring you to the MOON.

CREAM Finance team has a proven product market fit that have not been discovered by many yet. I’m not really sure if I’m helping the CREAM Finance team by writing this blog post. Specially if the team doesn’t want this to be marketed yet. Well what I’m sure of is that they can execute their vision and broaden the reach of DeFi tech to a wider audience.

CREAM Finance will first launch with an algorithmic money market protocol on Binance Smart Chain together with the launch of the BSC mainnet. The official mainnet launch of BSC is scheduled to happen before October this year.

What are your thoughts? Is CREAM Finance worth investing?

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not a financial advisor. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth.

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