Minecraft fruits in real life

Minecraft fruits in real life and other rare fruits

Rare things that occur when putting fruit in molds during growth.




The cubic fruit photo is not a Photoshop product or a computer generated image trick, seriously there are square fruits ... or checkered. I was surprised when I accidentally checked a link that came to my email with a summary of entries that might interest me.




From what I understood, the trick to growing watermelons with this peculiar shape is to place them in cubic molds during their growth that are changed as they increase in size, so we have an interesting thing and it is not found in nature, a very peculiar human manipulation, Well, besides the atypical shape, what benefit can this square fruit have? It really has a very important one, its shape reduces the dead spaces between the units when transporting them, which maximizes the load and reduces the loss by freight.

As if a cubic watermelon was not enough ...


Well, it was also in the link that I was reviewing the reference to another fruit that was grown in molds, but this one scared me a little, it is the "Baby Pear"





It is supposed to be the figure of a Buddha and "Cleanse the Soul" when consumed ... but, its shape closely matches its "Baby" name and gives me the impression that I would feel strange eating that fruit.




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Originally published on my blog at HIVE in Spanish: https://peakd.com/spanish/@pedrobrito2004/frutas-en-moldes-y-cosas-raras

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