Cunoro: Not Just Another OlympusDAO Fork

By cunoro | cunoro | 20 Jan 2022


Now is the time to look towards a solution for our money, an investment for the future. During such a volatile period of crisis, our eyes are opened even more, to the true value of what ‘money’ actually is.

Secure your wealth in the right place! Cunoro is the solution for protecting the value of your money!

What is Money?

Money is a medium of exchange. Generally, it means exchanging capacity, which can be defined as work, time, rare physical-assets. When we had the Gold standard, the dollar bills in your hands were backed by a ‘basket’ of gold in a treasury. Nowadays our money is backed by trust and debts

But what if there were an asset backed by assets with real value?

What is DeFi?

DeFi is an open, global financial system designed for the internet era, offering an alternative to a system that is inherently opaque, tightly managed, and based on decades-old infrastructure and processes. 

  • It allows you to have complete control and visibility over your finances. 
  • It allows anyone with an internet connection to access financial services and they are mostly owned and maintained by their community of customers.
  • It exposes you to global markets and provides you with alternatives to your local currency and banking options. 
  • DeFi applications have already processed tens of billions of dollars in cryptocurrency and the number is growing every day.

What is Cunoro?

Cunoro is the easy to use solution to put your money to work with a more sustainable currency then every fiat out there. It’s the permissionless ‘bank’ owned by you and me. 

This project is built by some passionate Web3 Fanatics and Crypto Nerds who believe DAO’s and DeFi 2.0 are ready for the mainstream.

It’s a decentralized reserve currency mechanism based on the NORO ⎔ token built on the Avalanche Network. (Much like OlympusDAO and Wonderland before it but with a twist!)


Cunoro is forked with love from OlympusDAO

The current market value of the total treasury assets by OlympusDAO sits at $718M after just 10 months since their launch having also accumulated $210M in RFV (Risk-Free Value) and owning nearly all of their own liquidity. Surely a great example to emulate and hopefully improve upon moving forward.

How does it work?

Simply, put your money to work for you passively. Bond assets into the treasury and stake the NORO Token and earn passive income!

The value of each NORO ⎔ Token is backed by real value assets, so its currency is the goal for modern days financials.

Cunoro’s protocol managed treasury, protocol owned liquidity (POL), mint mechanism (bonding), and staking rewards are all in place to stabilize the supply.

-Each NORO ⎔ token is backed by a treasury basket of assets, ensuring that it has an intrinsic worth that it cannot fall below.
-Through staking and minting, Cunoro also introduces economic and game-theoretic dynamics to the market.
-The protocol earns profit via bond sales, and the treasury uses this profit to mint NORO ⎔ tokens and distribute them to stakers.
-In order to accumulate its own liquidity, liquidity bonds are available to mint!


Cunoro’s Flow-wheel Effect

Unique Bonding & Tokenomics

Using the Tokenomics of its awesome ecosystem ecosis, Cunoro’s treasury system offers bonding for the tokens Nomics, Cap and Bend.

These tokenomics really make this financial mechanism unique.

Cap is designed to increase its value following the total crypto market expansion (Currently $2.1TN). The token price increases as the market grows. 

Bend is designed to be deflationary using a Safemoon like transaction fee mechanism. A portion of the transaction fee will be shared between holders and into liquidity providing and the other portion will be burned. 

Nomics is the Set Protocol of ecosis Network, an Index Token which is backed by Cap and Bend.

These assets will be available for bonding beside classic stable-coins to ensure long-term sustainability.

(Of course the Avalanche Native Token AVAX will possible to bond as well.)

Additional Stablecoin Bonds

Frax is the first and only stablecoin with parts of its supply backed by collateral and parts of the supply algorithm.


Long-term Sustainability



Defining optimal treasury configurations and testing Bonding Mechanisms


Get Whitelisted now and be one of the first stake holders and early adopters!


Pay-in and Pay-out any Crypto and stake NORO ⎔ Token instantly through a DEX Aggregator. 


Pay-in and Pay-out directly from Bank Account. Use Fiat Currencies like you are used to and do payments via phone with the profitable treasury system behind it. 


Get used to one App, but enjoy the benefits of the multi treasury network. At this point we firmly believe that your ‘everyday consumer’ will be no longer need to be overwhelmed by the DeFi Market. 

Community & Growth

Join our discord. We regularly we do some hangout and stream development, growth plans and plan to have AMA’s and more collaborations very soon. Getting this right will be key, as this will be entirely community driven, just as it should be.

Whitelisting & Launch

If you are interested in having exclusive access to the pre-sale, get on the Whitelist now! Simply join the discord or LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter community and stay tuned for announcements!


ecosis Partnership Network is all about Web3 Real World Adoption. And of course, when focusing on modern day finances, we should reap the rewards of such economic advantages.

Sustainable technologies in DeFi are readily available and we believe it’s about combining these the right way for maximum returns. Cunoro Finance makes it its own mission to bring the benefits of DeFi to the ‘Real World User’.


Cunoro —The Ultimate Cashflow


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