Too Funny! They Deleted My Post For Plagiarizing ... Myself!

Too Funny! They Deleted My Post For Plagiarizing ... Myself!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 17 Apr 2019

I was notified the post was deleted, after 36 views, for plagiarism. That's Too funny. Told I plagiarized MYSELF!

After explaining it is impossible to plagiarize myself, they agreed.


Before giving an ole man a heart attacking thinking he plagairized somebody, a little Due Diligence would have prevented all of it.


I did find a nice new BTC faucet I'd like to share, which I will do here shortly.


It seems I forgot to edit one of my newest posts, though, causing the plagiarism "flag", I guess. I've been busy helping my Publish0x and Crypto friends by finding real good fauctets, then posting them on Publish0x,  

I typically add additional information with some previous information when I create a new post. The new post helps the faucet hunters find it easier.

But alas, my ole fog of a brain created a duplicate post. Or it could be ole Crypto Pappy's house if full of children and grand children. 


If you found this funny, let Publis0x know by sharing this post

Let's break Crypto Pappy's all-time high of 463 views. Here's the post that received 463 views. 

Enjincoin / Unity SDK Integration to Demo at Game Developer's Conference!

This is my post above, so I hope I do not plagarize myself ;-) It is NOT faucet related, so you know I really care about the Crypto-World People. My daughter and I have built many games using Unity, so the Enjin coin got my vote, my post, and even a place in my portfolio. Twenty plus years in the computer science field helped my coice, too.

This is my post, too:

Of Course I'll Let You Put $5-10 A Week In My BTC Wallet


Here are the three faucets that are paying big, and have other features and big payouts - for both the jackpot and the minimum win. All the while you ignore the advertisements, like I "mostly" do! I'm just spinning, winning and loading the next page. LOL

Big Stream! I love this one the best. Here.

Big Stream's brother. Here.

Big Stream's newest brother. Here.


There are other Spin the Wheel jackpot site I posted a while back. These three faucets above beat all I ever seen, though, so I wanted the word to get out. But if you like spinng the wheel for a jackpot, check out my other posts too.


Cheers Mate! Wish me luck! LOL

Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

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