Tips And Tricks On Your New Mining Machine

Tips And Tricks On Your New Mining Machine

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 13 May 2019


This virtual mining game is the best for me, and here's why:

- Virtually no advertisements. 2 or 3 at tops

- Awesomely easy and addicing retro-style games

- RollerCoin PAYS

- I play WSOP ( World Series of Poker ) for free but don't earn any real money like on RollerCoin

- I still Play WSOP. I'm going there next. It would be nice to earn some Bitcoin, though

- TIP: Pick one of your favorite games on RollerCoin and increase your difficulty level. This is the fastest way to increase your hashing rate as the game rewards get bigger as the difficulty level rises

- TIP: Relax and Have Fun. I play the CryptoNoid game. Over and Over. On a LARGE screen. It's almost like the old days standing in front of the arcade box! It's AWESOME!

- Hint: Don't chase the Bitcoin. Chase the relaxation. I'm plain hooked on the Breakout style game and I want to break this game!!!! 

- Hint: After over 40 years I find myself still making the same dang dumb moves in this CryptoNoid ( Breakout ) game. All it takes is one missed shot/bounce. 

- TIP: Perserve above all else. Every game has its LAST Frame :-)

- TIP: Pennies add up while you're getting to that last frame :-)


So there you go folks! RollerCoin is your way to relax and put a few BTC away for a rainy day - where you can play more games LOL



Here's some screenshots! So what if I'm geeking out over this! I'm LOVIN' IT!




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