Hijacked To Mine Crypto? Are You Fingerprinted? I also want your paycheck!

Hijacked To Mine Crypto? Are You Fingerprinted? I also want your paycheck!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 10 Apr 2019

Creative, intelligent little buggers these hackers are! 

I like to have a positive attitude. Find Silver Linings.

And learn something new everyday.

Well, here is something I learned today.

Lookie what I came across ...


415,000 routers worldwide hijacked to secretly mine cryptocurrency

"The attack, which is still ongoing, affects MikroTik routers in particular. For the record, the string of crypto-jacking attacks on the brand first began in August, when security experts discovered over 200,000 devices had been infected. The number has more than doubled since then."


Mozilla rolls out new automated crypto-jacking filtering in Firefox

"In addition to illicit cryptocurrency mining, the latest Firefox update includes a featureto block “fingerprinting” scripts, which harvest snapshots of computer configurations that can be used to track internet usage (even if cookies are cleared)."


A new wire fraud scam targets your direct deposit info and sends your paycheck to a criminal's account

"Around two or three times per month, KVC Health Systems, a mid-sized non-profit agency for child welfare based in Kansas City, receives phishing emails from criminals with the goal of re-routing an employee's paycheck by direct deposit."


While I do not like wasting my time checking and securing my equipment, I must say I do kinda get some good mental stimulation with this cat-n-mouse game!



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