Hello, Jellybean!

Hello, Jellybean!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 12 May 2019

One just never knows.

My trusted old computer finally bite it early this week and I've was left with an old Android Jellybean 4.1.2.

She tried her best but I couldn't publish here on Publish0x. Or do much else, like keep my MINING GAME going!

Checking eMail on an old Android with JellyBean - I'd rather have the toothache from a REAL Jellybean LOL

So I had to borrow my grandson's computer. It's okay, between them all they have more tech per person than sand has to the sea!

I'm rebuilding my Miners now! I was approaching the top 100. Lucklily the games are fast and simple and I'm rebuilding with a frenzy!

For those that love a great, and PAYING, Mining Game, check out Rollercoin.ย 

Just play some kool retro-style games and increase your hash rate.ย 

It's best you check it out yourself. I love it better than Cointply's. No survey taking involved. Just pure PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!ย 

And Earn!

Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

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