Crypto Pappy Goes Back To School

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 11 Mar 2019

Hey All! Crypto Pappy here!

I'm not the type to quit.

It's my goal to learn something every day.

Crypto Pappy LOVES Libraries!

While university classes were in session I'd also have my own side experiements running. Usually two or three items of interest.

How I fit all those classes, multiple jobs and rearing a child in to a day I will never know. 

All I do know is 'Learn Something New Everyday'.

The most awesome things about learning stuff ... it opens the doors to even MORE stuff!

I got into crypto not because of the huge hype when Bitcoin hit 19K, but because of the underlying technology.

20 plus years in the computer science / business field made me want to see more.

So here I am, all these many, many years later ...

Still learning.

Still loving discovery.

It is my goal that my writings will be of some assistance in the crypto world , if at minimum give you some enjoyment and maybe a token of wisdom here or there.

Start, or continue, your Crypto-Journey with Crypto Pappy here!

Remember folk: Be kind to all, and be sure to follow me on this Crypto-Journey.


Crypto Pappy

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Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

20+ years in Info Tech. Library lover and consummate collector and distributor of knowledge ... and a bit of ole' timer fun :)


General musings and insights regarding the CrytpoCurrency World from ole Crypto Pappy.

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