0x and the Birth of Publish0x
0x and the Birth of Publish0x

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 19 Mar 2019

Before Publish0x there was 0x


While I was borded during the last bear market I figured I'd do a little ALT COIN HUNTING. I began ALT COIN HUNTING about a year or so ago now. Nothing major. I just want to read.

Show me not just the science, but a good business case for this new coin.

Before I found Publish0x I was interested in 0x. It all began when I went hunting through CoinBase and seen what I thought was called OX. Silly me did not know it was ZeroX! 

CoinBase is a nice little place, big market share, though it doesn't support wallets for many coins at the moment. But it's where I began so I launched of ALT COIN HUNTING on that platform.

I have a nice little article about another ALT COIN I have good feelings about. 


I believe ALT COIN HUNTING SEASON is now open!  I'd say, hunt for the coin that fits the things you know, like best. I know Unity and game making and block-chain. I see the use-cases. So far I've near doubled or doubled all but one coin.

This article isn't about Exchange Platforms or wallets. I was just thinking about one of my holdings and how nice it is that Publish0x is around!

Publish0x tips are very much appreciated.

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As always, have a good day! That's Always my plan!

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