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Stock Market Crash in 2020; How Will Bitcoin React?

By JC Business Consult | 250currencies | 24 Aug 2020

Did you hear that Warren Buffet predicted a stock market crash in the near future?

Well; this piece of cryptocurrency news has trended a lot in Spain as you can see in the video below.

The truth is that we have had a good time with bitcoin increasing in prices since last year and its correlation with stock markets wasn't bad but this time things are likely to take another turn as explained in this video.

It is also said that people are being advised to invest in traditional assets like houses provided the inflation doesn't go high.

In any case, the main question remains: how will bitcoin react to such changes?

Many people think that its price will go high or low then high, others think they will go low follwing the trend of stock prices but who knows?

In which category do you find yourself? Do you think prices will go higher?

Let's wait and see! 


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