Let's Talk About....The Mysterium Network

Hey everyone! In this post, I'm going to be discussing the Mysterium Network, their mission statement and their FREE (read that again) nodes to earn passive $MYST. Mysterium is an open-source ecosystem of protocols, tools and infrastructure to liberate the web. Our node network empowers both builders and users to access free information. Basically, a free and open internet for everyone to use because everyone deserves access to the internet regardless of where you live.

Personally, I've been running a $MYST node for a while now and I've gotten some great earnings on mine. I think Mysterium's message about free and open internet is something that anyone can get behind and it doesn't hurt that you can earn $MYST essentially for free. Seems like a win-win to me.

For anyone who hasn't checked them out yet, I think they are worth at least reading their mission statement, what they plan on doing in the future and at least running one node to test it out. It's free and extremely passive and you are supporting a project that is out to accomplish something that can change the world. I don't work for them but I fully support everything they set out to do and I believe everyone can. I think it's worth at least a look for everyone.

If you are already running some $MYST nodes, let me know how your earnings are and maybe we can get some new people to hop on the bandwagon and support a great project from a great team!

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