"Wanna Know What's Goin' On In Crypto?"

By SatoshiConomy | CryptoZonZ | 29 Jul 2020

Absolutely MASSIVE news impacting the global economy in the last 10 days!

"ZonZ" keeps you in the know with recent developments of massive impact across currency and financial markets globally.

*U.S. announces ALL U.S. banks may custody cryptocurrencies
*Chinese CBDC "D.C.E.P." launches to 550 million subscribers on the Didi ride-hailing platform
*New Stimulus Package approved
*The "DeFi" industry skyrocketing to over $4 Billion
*100% Reserve Banking (What?!!)
*U.S. removes bank requirements for ANY deposit reserves
*and more

Most people who show interest in this booming "decentralized" economy are chasing profits.  But "ZonZ" encourages you to (first) understand the fundamental reasons WHY this industry holds such massive promise for gains.

Can you say, "liberty," or "freedom," or "financial independence," or "generational wealth?"

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