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When it comes to crypto there is no free meal, there is nothing easy, you have to work for it, if its either sitting on your hands after buying a coin thats not something most ppl can do see it go up and down and just waiting for that nice profit. Crypto content creator is not easy neither, for several reasons and one of the because most crypto social network have no traction with regular average users but one that I have notice getting this traction lately is,  why I say its getting traction because it has done something IMO other platforms have not accomplish and thats getting creators outside of crypto get involve, lucky for LBRY because its a direct competitor to Youtube, this is my personal perspective and opinion, I have seen other video platforms crypto related, decentralize but not as easy to use as LBRY, may be the reason for this is because they are working on a template that already exist and has perform awesome and its Youtube Layout.


Working with a similar structure of a platform that has surpass many others to even become a search engine itself is a big advantage and I believe that imitating something that has been working for years is not bad, its not stealing ideas as long as you twist and bring new things to the table too and this is something LBRY has done.

  • Staking LBC (Lbry Credits) to promote your video
  • Decentralize protocol to post your content
  • Reward their viewers for watching content
  • Reward content creators for the amount of traffic produce / views

This are some of the key factors that LBRY bring to the table, you may say that there are others similar or that are doing the same, well sometimes the lucky factor kicks in and if you didnt know LBRY has been around since 2015, and just until a few months ago I think it has got the most traction as decentralize video platform getting content creators out of crypto into the platform.

What ppl get wrong from LBRY

  • Youtube Killer: NO ITS NOT ANY TIME SOON!! same as Crypto is not FIAT killer anytime soon
  • Make money on LBRY: you will if you manage to create a following but its not as easy as many promote

Seems also some creators are not happy with the LBRY Foundation (content for another post) but as a decentralize video platform is the best there is out there, its not perfect, nothing is and will never be perfect on crypto for many aspects and one of them is the search of 100% freedom.

The LBC Token


Tokens like LBC usually move within stable channels for extended periods until they pump, the reason for this is because creators, curators or ppl staking are make crypto out of their bags without having to trade, meaning they are getting some rewards out of it, in the case of LBRY you get rewards for posting content depending if ppl watch your videos .

One of the reasons why IMO LBC has not establish this path recently its because of FOMO and because its very very cheap compare to its ATH besides the fact that it doesnt have much volume as other similar platforms like HIVE do, meaning still doesnt have as many whales or bag holders, once it gets more volume we will see this path or channel created.

Right now its my opinion that its just redoing the same pattern as on December 2019 with a possible bottom at 200 Sats but just to go higher from there, markets are changing in a positive way and altcoins are booming, when this platform gets more traction meaning more viewers and creators LBC could easy do $0.20 cents and above, as a product is works very very well their desktop app, web app, android app and they are releasing new features almost every two months so definitely a great product, I have been able to catch nice profits trading the token too but not a platform I would walk away like some coins that you just buy, sell and never look back, same as I did with STEEM Im pretending to do with LBRY and Im looking for new platforms that can provide me passive income in the same way.

Hope this article helps you, this is just my personal understanding and point of view of LBRY after three months uploading content.

Good luck



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Cryptoxicate is a Blog dedicated to every level of crypto enthusiast but most focus on new crypto adopters

Cryptoxicate is a Blog dedicated to every level of crypto enthusiast but most focus on new crypto adopters

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