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After three years on this market I dont consider myself a trader since IMO to call myself a trader some sort of effectiveness on just pure trading needs to exist although I can call myself an investor probably, part of my success on crypto is been well inform ow whats going on with the project Im invested in, possible updates or events coming up and in the case of Binances Exchange during 2017, 2018 and recently this year there have been certain events from the exchange that have end up for me with lucrative results, like coin burn and in 2018 when they announce their Decentralize exchange.

Binance Quarterly Coin Burn are not on exact dates, but they do happen during the same months every quarter, I have not find a table with all the exact days of when this happens but here one from a past article of the Binance Blog


With this table I was able to time when the next Coin Burn was going to happen, nothing in crypto is a sure thing but there are some behaviors from traders that vary but dont change that much, example, everyone thinks that coin burn will increase the value and thats not true at all, even during the long run if there is no buyers price wont go up and in the case of Binance the way they burn the coins doesnt impact the price of the token directly at all. The only time I notice that this even didnt have any effects was mid 2019 towards the end of 2019 probably because of the entire bear market effect, as I mention this type of situations make traders speculate and volatility usually kicks in, in the case of Binance Coin the price pumps to then dump and there is nothing bad with it is just trading.

The Binance team has lock down a percentage of coins since their ICO that are release every 5 years, if Im not mistaken, and from this coins they take a portion depending on how profitable the exchange has been and burn them, they dont buy the coins from the market directly increasing the value and this is something CZ has mention before that they are not interested on pumping the price, making it go up in the short term, form the times I have read or seen him talk about BNB Coin it looks like he knows in the future its value will increase a lot, the Binance Team even talks about it as possible BTC.

Binance Coin with time will increase in value for certain factors:

1- IEO: to get into Initial Exchange Offering or basically Binance Launchpad, the platform they use to launch new tokens, you can only get in with BNB, its like the times of ETH ICO.

2- Coin Burn: schedule coin burn trades are lucrative most of the time and that pumps the price too

3- Innovation: Binance has demonstrate they can come up with their own products besides getting some other products together like other exchanges have not done before

There are many factors I believe BNB is a long term hold, there are many places you can use it as a currency and they have been expanding a lot, yes there are a few shady things but usually this happens with market disruptive companies, I dont believe everything what the media says.

I hope this article is helpful for you

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Cryptoxicate is a Blog dedicated to every level of crypto enthusiast but most focus on new crypto adopters

Cryptoxicate is a Blog dedicated to every level of crypto enthusiast but most focus on new crypto adopters

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