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By Bila0 | Cryptowriter | 14 Aug 2020

Students Problems:-

Housing law and tenancy issues can be complex, so try not to make assumptions about the law. If you run into problems or financial hardship, always seek help first from the housing office at your university or college. 

Your landlord will usually be responsible for anything that requires repair, such as the structure of the property, its heating, hot water and sanitary installations. 

If you share a property with friends you’ll probably sign a ‘joint tenancy agreement’, making you jointly liable for any breaches of the contract, including damage to the property or rent arrears. So if one of your flatmates unexpectedly moves out, you may find yourself left to pay more than your usual share of the bills or rent.

So for  these Problems, A HOMT Company Decided to Solve Students Rental and also  Accommodation Problems.

What Is HOMT???

HOMT aims to provide a centralized market place for Student’s Rental Accommodation Industry, Almost millions of students are just reading abroad and their Problems are almost same like Accomodation etc, 64e531f8ccafb4ade5b0195bb61d9ca3ff67a9db767a0f61dfeadcf891ea11ff.jpeg

So almost Biggest countries like USA, and australia re grabbing millions of students and they face property problems to them. And so HOMT aims to fix these Problems. And also this is also investing in many ways, and it has best future to the young people.


It offers many kind of benefits to us like cheap and easy ways to buy hostel rooms and other such kind of apartments. As I am also a student, and I know what kind do problems it can got to us. and so that some are just below as follows.

1) Easy Property Buying:-

It can offers us an easy types of property to us. And that would also be too much cheaper to us. And also these will be bought through only one click.......

And so that they do not need any kind do paper works to buy or rent property. 

2) Fast Transactions:-

As this is a crypto tokens, so it will just transact very very fast, and also this is based on almost ERC20 Based token. And hence the speed would be amazing.

3) No Paper Work????

So as a matter of fact when we buy properties, than it is too much difficult that it might cause us some kind of serious problems, as we are buying property. But that is not a case with this. So an easy way of buying property. And I like this totally 

4) Student Friendly:-

So this is also a student friendly, cause it will help students to grow like a star. And also this will help students in many ways like, helping poor students and also other such things.

5) Corona Aid????

So they have put almost 1% of their Investment in corona funds as this is very badly kind of investment thing. And I kinda like  this things totally. 

Coinmarketcap Listed Token:-

This token is already listed on CMC, and has listed on some Exchanges and also full kind of features, so you can also track down buy writing only HOMT token. 9885c68ec87ffd5078dd0e144a23d61f69d5e422954de1698bae0b90dcc13f4d.png


This is a rental platform and also a crypto thing. In my opinion it is smart move to try this with almost a little or big investment and see what can it do to students. And hum this is so much amusing to me. And this is depending on you if you choose this or not. And I can say this only.

Useful Links:-

HOMT project URLs :
🌐 https://homt.net/
🎫 https://homt.net/Whitepaper.pdf
🐧 https://twitter.com/homtoken
📖 https://medium.com/@homtoken
📨 https://t.me/homtokenofficial
🎬 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSB9YHUPVlJclwW3qow0NOw
⛰️ https://www.linkedin.com/company/homtoken/
👥 https://www.facebook.com/homtoken/


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