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By PhoenixDev | CryptoWorld - CW | 1 Sep 2020

Atupri Health Insurance has become the first Swiss insurer to accept Bitcoins (BTC) and Ethreum (ETC) as a means of payment.

To do this, Atupri Health Insurance has partnered with Bitcoin Suisse, a cryptocurrency and financial services company. However, even if Atupri Health Insurance accepts payments in these two cryptocurrencies, you will only receive payments in Swiss francs, as the cryptocurrency payments will be transformed into Swiss francs by Bitcoin Suisse.

According to Caroline Meli, Head of Marketing and Sales at Atupri:

We constantly invest in new technologies and take advantage of the opportunities that digitization offers. In this way we accelerate processes for the benefit of our clients.

Our range is characterized by a high degree of customization. Our clients are free to choose the payment method they choose at any time. As digital pioneers in the healthcare sector, we anticipate social trends and offer insurance solutions with long-term perspectives. Blockchain technology and the associated use of cryptocurrencies will become increasingly important. Consequently, we want to offer the necessary structures for our policyholders.

From Bitcoin Suisse, Armin Schmid, Payment Expert and Head of Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Payments, comments:

We are pleased with the partnership with Atupri and we guarantee safe and easy payment options with cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for reading this post and, see you soon!

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