By Wealth Israel | cryptowealth | 16 Apr 2019

Based on a True Life Story

Sit right dont be in a hurry to skip this because what you are about to read almost never existed.....Will it surprise you if I told you that my first investment of about a $1000(#375,000) in Ethereum Trading via Forcount October 2017 turned out to be a life changer for me financially and ever since then every crypto investments I have ever made have been from this same one vehicle. Acquired close to 100 LTC 2018 and now amassing Dash.

I haven't seen a better system that would set you up on autopilot very ready in this bear market for the bull run than Forcount.

It's been four years gradually turning to five that I came into the Blockchain space and tapped into the Cryptocurrency. I have definitely seen and taking the worst risk ever so far so good the best risk was deciding to get the right mentorship.

2) Deciding to leverage on the 3 practical ways of scaling to 7 figures via cryptocurrency namely trading,mining and affiliate income.

3) I found it all in a System Forcount and ever since focused on just this one business course of Forcount.

Traded ETH with Forcount.
Traded LTC with Forcount.
Now trading Dash with Forcount.

Mining Ethereum with Forcount via Promining for the next 5 years.

Amazing affiliate marketing bonuses and reward system passively.

Do you care to know more?

It just became sweeter with the Direct trade that pays you 1% of your investment daily.

The Movement begins here===>

You can decide to register an account with Forcount via this link



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