Butterfly (A beautiful insect)

By Tahastories1 | Cryptowarriors | 21 Apr 2023


 I took this picture almost 2 weeks back when I was going to my University. I am very keen observer of nature. 

When I was going to University I saw this beautiful, timid and delicate creature of nature which appeals my heart and i could not stop myself to capture this. 

Butterflys are often related to spring season because it season of greenery. During spring season we see wave of happiness and everything starts grooming and looks young.

Butterfly is our really beautiful and they always get attraction from flowers. They are source of pollination. Butterflys really gives us soothing energy like whenever we see butterfly we usually smiles. 

Butterfly are friendly to human beings and they sometimes come to our hands. 

I still remember my childhood days when I was in school and i used to follow the paths of butterfly. 

But with the passage of time I think the numbers of butterflys are decreasing. May be the species of butterflys are in danger and there are not that much plants around us. Urbanization could be the reason behind this. 

May God save these creatures.


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