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AMPL Climbing : Coinbase Top Gainers Last 24hrs

By CryptoVS | The CryptoVS | 30 Nov 2020

Well so far it looks like AMPL was a great choice for Publish0x to bring on board.


This is just a quick post to give a price update on the AMPL token for November 30th 2020 .


According to the Coinbase Mobile app that tracks the biggest gainers and losers over the last 24 hrs. AMPL is up 11.65% and rising . 

So far I would say the project looks promising. I can't wait to see where things go from here!

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. 

Need a Wallet that supports AMPL  Check out the Coinbase Wallet App on Google Play :

I'm not sure if the Coinbase Wallet supports the rebase mechanism yet, but at least you can send them to your wallet in the meantime until you find a better option. 

This only applies to the Coinbase Wallet App, not the Mobile App, or Coinbase Pro. 

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