Should I write long or short Original Content posts?

By cryptovato1 | Cryptovato's tips | 18 Sep 2019

 have asked myself several times if I was writing too long OC. One distinguished Uptrenndian Prince Ulrich once answered me in comments that even though they were long, he was enjoying them.

I would basically answer that mainly it depends on each author’s wert.

Some authors are perfectly capable to explain the purpose of their article in 2-4 paragraphs and they can perfectly nail it. Some of them, perhaps I include myself in this category, we like to explain things in more detail in a longer ones.

I write this article because of an inquiry of Hafsa related to  kind of length of OC post that we are expecting?

Before I enter to this topic, I would like to give you an example from my Finance classes where I was teaching students of Bachelor’s and Master´s Degree how to make a Business Plan. Business Plan usually includes the whole idea study, marketing, HR, organization, legal and Financial study. Once I had two students who wrote together a business plan of 240 pages. Probably you would say, it was well detailed – yes it was but they were constantly repeating over and over the same things, and they were describing the details excessively – so the result was that after I finished reading and correcting I was sick and tired of that. On the other hand, there were students who just did to comply with the subject and they did poor job and they only created 20 pages, and there were many things missing. Which one was the right one? None, one too long and another too short. Once I came across with one investment project which was around 50 pages long with all the Excel chart and I liked it – it was just the right size.

So I will give you 3 examples of OC which I consider IMO too short:

1) Classical OC on level up:

An Uptrenndian posts a picture of level 8 and writes two sentences: Hi guys, today I leveled up. Now I am in level 8.

Maybe I am too demanding but  it isn’t enough for me. Don’t be stingy, there you can provide some more details, make it more interesting, take an advantage of it: For example, you may mention the strategy you used to accomplish, or something about you, what it means for you, you can give thanks to some people, whatever you want to do.

For example Victoria Haruna includes Level Up dances, that’s so original, so we like it and we demand her another level dance and she did it today BTW.

I have to explain the following: I don’t obligate anyone to do what I recommend here but the difference in number of upvotes is very clear. If you dedicate enough time to explain how you did it, you can earn over 60 or 100 upvotes easily.

If you work on it with more detail like I did in this one: It paid off, it is my 4th most upvoted post.

If you just write 2 – 4 sentences, maybe you get good upvotes but you are not achieving all the potential which that post can have.

2) Airdrop post – you put currency (the worth in USD). Join in Telegram, do the tasks, and 2 more lines. And I don’t see nothing else happening there. 

Well, you can do it but what happens? You will get in average no more than 10 upvotes. If you took more time, and you were willing to explain what the project is about, perhaps you could even copy some parts of the white papers or talk about it more; I am definitely sure that the number of upvotes would be much higher. One great example could be Romana Grubesick’s post where she perfectly explains what it is about. Those posts get more than 200 upvotes very easily.

Now it isn’t only about upvotes. Airdrop community is interested in efficient conversion rate. So if you had 2 or 3 referrals per week with the announcing of airdrop without any further detail, those number would definitely jump higher.

3) Technical Analysis

Some people copy the chart from somewhere and below the chart there are 2 or 3 sentences. Maybe it’s enough for them but for those who are interested in investing and trading, they expect more. 

On the other hand Paul or Jules, they perfectly cover it by well explained videos or articles. And you will see the difference in upvotes too.

Here I covered the part of short posts without enough information.

Now I will focus on the longer OC posts.

They have one common issue, some of them may become boring if they are too long.

Some people may think that bringing one detail after another, can be quality; yes you are bringing a more complete post but you cannot risk it that your audience may get bored. Here I understand the younger generation, people who are under 30 years – they want things happening fast, they are more visual, a little bit more desperate.  So you have to value how to do it.

For example 2 days ago, I was developing a post about Bitcoin, and then I started to see that it had more than 3 pages, I told myself – Oh, Oh, no – it’s too long – I will divide the topic in Part 1, Part 2 and today I decided that there will be part 3. As this topic is more profound – the division in parts is better in my opinion.

I personally like videos which don’t take more than 5 minutes. If I look for tutorials on Youtube, and there is one which takes 12 minutes, another 19 minutes, and the last one 3 minutes – I go for the shortest one. Time is money for me.

So even if you want to provide more detailed explanation, I know that you want to focus on details but don’t get all the attention on them because a lot of people won’t be watching the complete video. I will confess, I only watch longer videos which are Jeff Kirdeikises’ because I am running out of time for longer videos.

Is it everything only about the length of posts?

Not at all. For me there are even some more important things to consider:

1) Writing style. I don’t state a rule for writing style. Each of us, we have it really different and that’s the cool part. 

- I prefer to organize my ideas first – sometimes I come up with some ideas in the supermarket when picking my apples and I pull out my mobile and I make notes. 

The other day another Uptrenndian Willy told us in comments that he didn’t do the post as before because he edited. And me and Osato absolutely loved it,  what we saw was a master piece, great structure, great organization of ideas, neat, cool OC. So even if it was shorter, it was great. Remember it isn’t always about quantity but also about quality.

- Simplicity. I don’t like to use much technicisms or difficult worlds because I am aware that some people might get lost.   The more simple the better. That’s my personality, I like easy stuff.

- Empathy – Step the shoes of your viewer. 

- You can joke, you can make opinions, reflections, make comparisons to other kind of life situations, make it juicy.

- Despite all the rules or recommendations here comes the most important one: Write from your heart, enjoy it and go with the flow. Sometimes, I get really concentrated and get into a certain moment that I feel surrounded by the words of an article and it just flows. 

At the beginning it may be complicated because sometimes you may think, how about if they like it or if they don’t like it. My advice for Hafsa and other Uptrenndians is: First of all you have to like it by yourself.  

Sometimes you may get worried if someone downvotes your post; before I used to worry a lot about it and now – I don’t because it’s impossible that 100% of people will like it. For me it’s like when I don’t shave for 3 weeks – some people will tell me – you look old, it’s so scruffy beard or they just hate it, but there are other people who tell me the beard looks really good on you. So remember we have different kind of tastes.

You have to find a balance IMO between your writing post and also the length of your post, trying to enjoy it as much as you can. There may be some days when you feel the writer’s block that means you are not capable to do a good post because perhaps you are tired, in a rush or stressed. If you feel that way, don’t push yourself that hard and you’d better do some engagement or make comments or play telegram’s games – make something relaxing.

Develop your own author’s style – for me it’s called your personal touch that you shouldn’t ever lose. If you noticed that certain article didn’t work try to analyze why. Sometimes it can happen because you published it on low ranking hour – that means when there is less traffic on Uptrennd’s site such as Saturday evening 10 PM UTC, or when you weren’t active on Uptrennd for few weeks – sometimes the comeback may be more difficult but not impossible, you have to just get into the groove with your audience. 

And remember what I have told you in other posts, try to do some engagement every day with your followers or fans, upvote them, respond their comments.

Thanks for all your kind attention, hope you enjoyed it.

If you want to share in the comments below what has worked out for you when you have been creating your OC, please be my guests!

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