Bitcoin against the crisis and inflation - Wall Street billionaire relies on BTC


A lot has been reported about Bitcoin related to the corona crisis in the past few weeks. The stimulus packages to contain the effects of the economy are causing some of the concerns about higher post-crisis inflation to skyrocket, as has the Bitcoin rate in recent weeks. For years, supporters of digital gold have been preaching its advantages in connection with our fiat money system. More and more institutional investors now seem to recognize this. After reporting earlier this week that more and more professional investors are adding Bitcoin to their portfolios, a new bang is coming: Paul Tudor Jones, one of Wall Street's best-known hedge fund managers, is investing in BTC. But not only that. His words say more than his actions.

Bitcoin comes into the portfolio

The narrative of digital gold around Bitcoin now seems to have reached the very core of Wall Street. Investor Paul Tudor Jones' hedge fund is now investing in Bitcoin , according to Bloomberg reports .

The star investor sees the digital currency as a safeguard against the monetary policy of central banks and governments worldwide, which are pumping enormous amounts of money into the markets as a result of the corona crisis. He expects much higher inflation in the future, against which he now wants to protect the assets of his fund with Bitcoin, among other things.

Jones' fund, called Tudor Investment Corporation, manages a total of $ 22 billion. According to his boss, the Fons is now to bet on this amount with a “low single-digit percentage” on Bitcoin. Admittedly, Jones does not invest directly in BTC, but only in BTC futures. Nevertheless, the investor is betting on a long-term increase in the value of the asset.

Big words for a big future?

Not only the deeds, but also the words of Paul Jones make waves and give hope for a great future for Bitcoin. In an investor letter entitled "Big Monetary Inflation", the investor describes what effects he expects the markets to have in the future. He also goes into Bitcoin and has big words for BTC.

The best strategy to maximize profits is to have the fastest horse. If I am forced to forecast, I bet it will be Bitcoin.

However, Jones clearly distances himself from the large-scale crypto area. He is by no means an advocate of hard money or a crypto advocate. He sees Bitcoin as just one of the best ways to protect against possible future inflation. He also makes a comparison with gold in the 1970s, when it experienced an enormous increase in value. He says:

Bitcoin reminds me of gold when I first started doing business in 1976.

If that is true, we can expect a rosy future for Bitcoin. Despite this very positive BTC News, it should be noted that the investor will never go “all-in”. He simply diversifies his fund's portfolio with the “low single-digit percentage” mentioned above. If you want to do this after your own extensive research, choosing the right broker is an important point. Because your money is only as secure as the partner you work with. After extensive testing, we can recommend eToro for Bitcoin and Crypto purchases. Just convince yourself!


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