Strange Coins, Bright Future? COW From Korea

By Successful Author | CryptoUpdates! | 10 Dec 2020

This app is awkardly easy to use: you just have to sign up after downloading the app here and insert my invite code, 3KNXGB. An invite code is mandatory for sign up. 

Once installed, you just have to tap the START button and, after two hours, you can harvest your Cow shares. That's it! 



There are 500.000 Cows give to users everyday. At the moment the reward for two hours of mining is about 5 Cows. Yesterday the first one I did was worth 55 Cows.

Why this coin has possibilities to grow fast?


If you go further in looking infos for this app you will find a Twitter profile. Most of the very first posts are written only in Korean. You will say: "Obvious, if it is a korean startup. What's the matter?".

Well, Korea is not like every other country when speaking of crypto. The huge number of posts in Korean when you open Steemit show clearly how deeply korean people embrassed the crypto revolution. A third of Koreans has invested in crypto, according to Quartz, so millions of them will join this project for sure. 

You can join us too, it will not cost you anything! Download Cowcow App here and insert my code 3KNXGB 


Other strange apps you could enjoy


Pi Network

You can earn Pi just by tapping once a day and by inviting more people to join the network. Pi just crossed 10.000.000 users (more here), but there is still one year of mining left before the crypto goes on the markets. Hurry up, you can sign up here. Remember to insert my invite code kisai95 during your registration.






Bee Network

Bee Network is a project similar to Pi Network, but it is born just a few days ago and has already more than 100.000 users! You can learn more about Bee by reading my article and you can sign up downloading it here and inserting my code immanuelkany when asked.




Earning Tips:

🏅Betfury: 12 satoshi every 20 minutes, dividends for playing: //

🎖️Current pays you with prizes or Paypal cash for listening to their radios! Good music of famous artists, give it a try!

⭐ Bee Network, exactely as Pi Network, but just born and even more fast growing! Don't miss the chance this time! Sign up here, insert my refer code immanuelkany and get 1 BEE extra, and then 2BEE every hour, and more if you invite people. Learn more here.

🏆 Stepdrop walk for cryptos!

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