Pi Network Hits 10 Millions User: This App And Its Alternatives

By Successful Author | CryptoUpdates! | 7 Dec 2020

Pi Network is the fast growing platform which is about to reach the goal of ten MILLIONS users since March 2019. We already talked about it, you can learn more here.

If you still did not you can still sign up and join Pi Network. Don't forget to use my username kisai95 as your invite code!

But maybe, as Pi Network is not far away from monetizing, it's better to look at its clones, or, kindly said, its alternatives, that are on the rise right now.



Bee Network


Identical to Pi Network, you can sign up here and insert my invite code immanuelkany to get 1 BEE for free and then join my network to earn more.




The same as Pi and Bee Network, you have to login once every 24h and invite others to earn more. Currency claims to be accumulated time. Last born, join it here for Android, not available for iPhone. You have to insert a witness code to sign up. My code is kisai.





Mining is expensive and ecologically a mess? Midoin tries to replace PoW with Proof of Touch: you have to tap to get a share of 1 Midoin, which is given daily. There is a total of 29 millions Midoins in total. There is even a starting market and a rudimental exchange. By inviting others you can have a 10x bonus on your taps, and you can use autotap if you get tired of this. 

It is so easy that ot could became viral. You can sign up here and insert my code gianggg to have a 5x starting boost.



Earning Tips


😍Bitwala: Bitcoin wallet with a German iban, a free debit card and €15,00 just for sign up and open a Bitcoin wallet, all for free. You can register here and learn more about Bitwala here.

🏅Betfury: 12 satoshi every 20 minutes, dividends for playing: //


🎖️Current pays you with prizes or Paypal cash for listening to their radios! Good music of famous artists, give it a try!


⭐ Bee Network, exactely as Pi Network, but just born and even more fast growing! Don't miss the chance this time! Sign up here, insert my refer code immanuelkany and get 1 BEE extra, and then 2BEE every hour, and more if you invite people. Learn more here.


🏆 Stepdrop walk for cryptos!

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