Daily Giveaway 2: Half Of This Post Revenue Will Be Sent To A Lucky Commenter

By Successful Author | CryptoUpdates! | 6 Dec 2020

I am trying out if this thing really works, but the result depends all on you, people of Publish0x, so please support this project and grab your chance to win half of this post rewards! 


You can read the first post of this project here and the announce of the first winner here. Scroll down to learn how to join!


How can I win?

Important arguments come first. To take part to the giveaway you just have to comment on this post with your Ethereum address and you will be among the partecipants to the drawing. You should also tip this post, so that the amount you are going to win is higher, and you could also, if you feel so goodhearted, follow me and keep updated about the result of this giveaway.


The Drawing

So, here is is the main idea: half of this post revenues will be sent to a user who commented on this post with her/his Ethereum address. At a random time the day after the publishing of the post I will choose the winner using this tool.I know it is far from perfection, so your suggestions for something better are more than welcome. The best would be a generator that instead of numbers has casual items, usernames, and chooses one randomly among them in a trustable way.



The great tools of the first Daily Giveaway


Today winner will receive the amount due to her/him after Publish0x payment on the first Monday of the month, as soon as I can manage it. In order to avoid fluctuation related problems and high transaction fees, payment will be taken from a pool contening all rewards due to winner users and will be made only in one cryptocurrency. Amounts are meant in moment of drawing of the winner.


The Pool System

Pool shares are calculated following these ricorsive equations:


PoolAmount= Day1 + Day2 + Day3 + (...) + Day30

NumberofSharesDayx = $DayxContribution / $day1AmountInDayx

Expected "Dividends" = ( YourDayShares / TotalDayShares ) x ActualPoolAmount


If today you win $1,00, you will have 1 Dayshare.

Let's say that tomorrow prices are the same that today, but that the post after this will give the next winner $2,00. The second winner gets $2,00 / $1,00 = 2 Dayshares. For you nothing changes. You still have 1 Dayshare and $1,00 in payout.

Now we are in the third day. Market goes up of 50% for Publish0x tokens. The amount due to you is now $1,50, you have 1 Dayshare. Today post earns $2,00 in rewards and winner of this day receives $1,00. His Dayshare will not be 1, but $1,00 / $1,50 = 0,66 Dayshares. And so on until the payment.

Announcement Post #x will published less than 24 hours after the Daily Giveaway #x post and will make publicly known the name of the winner.

 Previous Winners

Winners will receive their payout in Eth wallet of their choice. Pool address is


Username         Shares         Amount due    

Flying Turtle      1.00                $0,055



Earning Tips:

🏅Betfury: 12 satoshi every 20 minutes, dividends for playing: //

🎖️Current pays you with prizes or Paypal cash for listening to their radios! Good music of famous artists, give it a try!

⭐ Bee Network, exactely as Pi Network, but just born and even more fast growing! Don't miss the chance this time! Sign up here, insert my refer code immanuelkany and get 1 BEE extra, and then 2BEE every hour, and more if you invite people. Learn more here.

🏆 Stepdrop walk for cryptos!


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