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By CryptoInfluencer | CryptoUpdate | 1 Feb 2020

The Young Platform team decided to enter the crypto exchange market and did it in style.   The project was presented on the British Seedrs crowdfunding platform and was greeted with enthusiasm by investors. The amount raised exceeds 787,000 Euros with a total of 751 investors, demonstrating how Italian FinTech can make a difference. With these numbers, the project overfunded in just 36 hours, considering that the target has been set at 500,000 Euros.  This warm welcome provided important liquidity for Young Platform.   The startup born in Turin and grown thanks to I3P, the incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin, wants to create an easy-to-use platform for the purchase-sale of cryptocurrencies. In their mission we read in the world of cryptocurrencies should be accessible to everyone. The launch of the platform is expected to take place later this year. 

Once active, the service will allow you to sell over 80 cryptocurrencies with FIAT (Euro or Pound) coins. Considering the desire to make this world accessible to all users, the interface will be intuitive but at the same time safe. 

The startup's first step in this direction was the launch of the Stepdrop app.

For those who do not know it, it is an app that tries to bring users closer to virtual coins through an education path. 

Each step taken by the user and detected by the smartphone can be converted into the Young virtual coins and subsequently added to your virtual wallet.

At the moment Stepdrop has over 80,000 sensitized users who can become tomorrow's aware investors, according to Andrea Ferrero, CEO and Co-Founder. 

All users interested in the various products offered by Young Platform can find more information on the official website.


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