You've Got Mail ... when the Ethereum Gas is Cheap

By CryptoTrips | CryptoTrips | 12 Aug 2020

The Ethereum network has been very congested for a few months now, and this is due to the increase in adoption and on-chain activity, which places the average price of gas above 250 GWei as of today. We spend too much time looking at this price at ETH Gas Station, waiting and looking for the right moment to be able to execute our transactions without spending so much money.


Ethereum Average Gas Price Chart

So it would be great if we could receive notifications that alert us when the price of gas reaches more accessible values, right? The answer is yes. Let's see how thanks to HAL and Chainlink we can already do it.
For practical reasons, I am going to show you how to receive notifications by Email, but in the same way it can also be configured to receive alerts from Telegram, Discord, Slack, Twitter and even WebHooks.

We just need:

  • A few minutes of our time
  • An email account
  • An account at HAL (you can log in using your GitHub account, Google or an Ethereum wallet such as Metamask)

What we have to do is create a trigger from the HAL website, responsible for sending us an email when the price of gas reaches a certain value.

These are the steps:

1. We log in to HAL


2. We click on “Chainlink” (what is Chainlink? It uses oracle networks to connect “real world” information to smart contracts on the Ethereum network)


3. Click on the recipe "Track Gas Price"


4. Once there, all we have to do is fill in the value of the gas for which we want to be notified (20 for example)


5. Scroll down, click on Send an email and fill in our Email address, a subject of your choice, name our trigger, click Create and that's it!


This is all. Short, simple and useful, I hope it helps you.

Research, read, learn, enjoy, follow me (the less important one) HERE... and with or without gas, be happy!

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