Discover SolarCoin (SLR), The Cryptocurrency That Rewards You If You Use Solar Energy

Discover SolarCoin (SLR), The Cryptocurrency That Rewards You If You Use Solar Energy

By CryptoTrips | CryptoTrips | 6 Aug 2020

The sun is life, energy and cryptocurrencies forever, and with this premise as simple as eternal, this green cryptocurrency was created and began its journey in 2014. Its objective is to achieve a much faster and more effective evolution of the ecological transition towards the definitive use of cleaner and renewable energy. The intention is to have a method to encourage the use of this type of energy and this is where the SolarCoin comes in: this coin offers a reward to photovoltaic solar power generators. Each MWh that is produced results in the generation of 1 SLR.

Among the advantages of this cryptocurrency is free and the benefits that the person or company that produces solar energy can already obtain. It is a form of appreciation for your choice to embrace fully sustainable and green energy, and also an appeal to those who have not yet made up their minds.

Another interesting point is that SolarCoin is completely independent, it does not adhere to any specific State or government, it is free of political commitments and, for its exchange and transmission, it uses a P2P network as it happens with other cryptocurrencies through BlockChain.


  • Litecoin Project: The entire platform is made in open source.
  • Vision: Generate 97,500 TWh (Terawatt-hour) of solar energy.
  • Project with an approximate validity of 40 years.
  • It works through the usual cryptocurrency market; also through the exchange of solar energy by SLR.
  • 1 MWh = 1 SolarCoin
  • Its blockchain is known as ElectricChain.
  • Like any cryptocurrency, it is managed through virtual wallets.
  • Users who generate solar energy receive payment in SolarCoins every 6 months.

How does this SolarCoin work?

Those with a photovoltaic solar power generation system can register for free at the SolarCoin Foundation and wait for approval. When the approval is received, you can start receiving coins for each of the MWh that is generated in the solar installation.


What can be done with the received SLRs?

The SolarCoin user can benefit from their accumulated assets through various types of channels:

  • Use the exchange and transfer system through blockchain in a direct way for the use of their SLRs.
  • Switch to other cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange your SLRs for government currencies from different countries. Converting the cryptocurrency into euros or dollars, for example, is one of the preferred ways for those less familiar with digital currency.

We are facing a really useful system of protection of assets known as natural capital. This is the case of renewable energies whose best introduction and final settlement in our current way of life is to promote it from the economy. Equally necessary is to give users a real incentive to bet on these clean systems, abandoning historical methods fundamentally based on fossil fuels.

The conjunction of economy, market, functionality and concern for the sustainability of the planet come together in SolarCoin demonstrating that a new way of proceeding is possible.

SolarCoin Foundation

SolarCoin Claiming

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