How much can you make from faucets? My November reports

Hello everyone! I am back with a new review of my faucets income. I will put below the earnings from 15 Nov until 30. The first 2 weeks you can find on my recent posts.



For BetFury and Cryptoroyale,I didn`t entered so much in the last 2 weeks...and I am a bit sorry,at least for CryptoRoyale,where you can get a serious amount of coins by playing.

For BTCPop I put my stakes too.

So..Let`s see the placement :


1.  CryptoRoyale 

This game type of faucet got me 2.66 $ from playing it. I played for just 2 weeks this game, and I am sorry. I could easily get at least 5 $ from this one. But the next month I plan to earn big from it.

2. PipeFlare 

Same for PipeFlare. I played their games where you can earn FLR tokens and be placed in the top 300 to get some ZEC rewards too. I played for 1-2 times/week every game, but if I would play every day, I can say that I could get 5$ too. This one got me 2.04 $.

3. TrustDice

TrustDice got me 1.76$. This is a casino platform with free faucets. You can claim every 6 hours. If you play the games, you will earn mining power and be rewarded in TXT. With the TXT you can stake them and earn dividends in BTC,ETH,USDT and EOS.

4. BTCPop

A really good faucet, where you can claim every 30 mins and you will start to get stake rewards from the next day. Many coins on this faucet.

Got me this month 0.8$. I am sure I will get at least 1$ for the next month.

5. Bc.Game

Another casino platform with a daily free spin. You can stake the coins you get from the spin. Got me 0.8$.

6. Womplay

A reward platform for playing some mobile games,web games,doing some tasks and daily free box. 

You can get payed in EOS or BTC, depending on what you choose. Got me 0.58$.

7. Publish

I published just a few blogs this month...that`s why I got so less income. I plan to be more active here from now on. 

I got 0.34$.


One of the oldest BTC faucets. You can claim every hour and get some lottery tickets too. Got around 0.21 $.

9. GlobalHive

A ZEC faucet with a daily increased amount of claiming and a bonus round. I got 0.17 $.

10. CryptoWin

A btc faucet where you can claim every 15 mins. Got me around 0.09 $.

11. BetFury

Another casino platform with 3 boxes faucets : BFG,BTC,BNB. Got me 0.08$.

12. FaucetCrypto

A faucet with a lvl system. Really good for long term use. There are several coins from where you can choose to withdraw. Got me 0.08$.

13. FreeLitecoin

A Litecoin faucet. You can claim every hour. Got me 0.04 $.

Besides those faucets, I can mention other faucets that I plan to add and monitor from December:


BitcoinManiaGame - a really good bitcoin game where you will get 3 free miners using my referral link. You will mine BTC,ETH and DOGE.

RollerCoin - another bitcoin game,register with my referral link and you will get 1000 sats for free.

Sorare - if you are a football fan,you will love this game. You will collect players and they will play in tournaments for you. Very profitable game for long term. If you register with my link,and you get 5 players from auctions, you will get 1 Limited card for free as a gift.


I hope this helped some of you ! Have a great month :) !

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Faucets and other things
Faucets and other things

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