Are Faucets a waste of time ? My December income

Hello and welcome back to another review for the most well-known faucets! I will present my December income from 14 different faucets.

I used the faucets for around 26 days in December, entering on all of them daily(almost).


From 14 faucets I got around 10$/month, entering 1 time/day. For every faucet, it took me around 1 min. So,we can say that took 26 mins/month/faucet.

So we can make a calculation and will result in 26min x 14 faucets =  364 mins = around 6 hours. So it took 6 hours in one month to make 10$. 

Faucets are a good source for beginners in the crypto world to get familiarized with the crypto space. I will make a short review for every faucet in this list.

1. CryptoRoyale

CryptoRoyale is an online game, where you are a colored circle (blue, pink, yellow) . You must kill the other players to take the first place. In-game will spawn little stars(yellow/blue/pink) and after you will eat them you will change your color. To kill a player you either have more hp than him (from eating stars) or beating the color. Blue beats pink, pink beats yellow, and yellow beats blue. The rewards are pretty good for a game and you can withdraw without fees from this game right away.

2. BitcoinMania

A miner game, where you just enter to buy miners and to collect the reward from the existing ones. This is a really easy game,and if you register with my affiliate link you will get 5 free miners: 1 miner for every of the 5 existing coins: BTC,ETH,DOGE,LTC,USDT. :

3. TrustDice

TrustDice is a casino game platform. They got a faucet from which you can claim every 6 hours. I used it just 1 time/day... so the income of 1.5 $ can be x2 ,x3 or even x4. If you play with the free coins from the faucet you get mining power rewarded in TXT token, which you can stake and get dividends in BTC,ETH,EOS,USDT.

4. PipeFlare

PipeFlare is also a game platform and a faucet platform too. You can get FLARE,ZEC, and MATIC for free. 

5.  Publish0x

I think all the readers know what Publish0x is, and I really love the community on this platform.

6. BTCPop

A lot of faucet coins. After you claim,you will stake them automatically. The rewards are pretty decent for this one.

7. Bc.Game

One of my favourite casino platforms. You get a daily freespin where the main prize is 1BTC. Why don`t you give it a try? 


One of the oldest faucets that I know since I heard about crypto. You can claim every hour.

9.  BetFury

Another casino platform. You can claim every 15 mins : Sats,BFG, BNB. You can stake BFG (at least 10) to get dividends.

10.  GlobalHive

Another daily ZEC faucet.

11. Womplay

Do you play mobile games? Why don`t be rewarded for that? Womplay is a gaming platform that rewards you with EOS/BTC for playing games.

12. FaucetCrypto

You can claim every 25 mins. You can withdraw in 13 different cryptos.

13. CryptoWin

A BTC faucet . You can claim every 15 mins.

14. Free-Litecoin

A LTC faucet from wich you can claim every 1hour.


This was my review for the faucets that I am using.

I recently started to play a lot of CryptoGames. Most of them with a low investment (as low as 1-3$) and some are free to play. You can make decent profit from them. I plan to review CryptoGames from now on. I don`t know if I should keep continue with my faucets review too. Leave a comment.

I hope this helped someone. Hope you to have a great year ! 


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Faucets and other things
Faucets and other things

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