The Secret of A Blockchain that spreads like Wildfire in Nigeria- A chat with Mr. Joe Ope

By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 31 Aug 2019

EDC is Setting a New Record

EDC is breaking all odds,  even the downward trend of the cryptocurrency markets seem not to affect its price as it moves sideways around 0.0044$. Looking deep into the matter,  the reason is not far fetched - increasing adoption. A short story is told of a former Indonesian Taxi driver, Mr. Abdulrahman, who is now a millionaire earning up to $13000 daily from EDC leasing revenues and referral system. All because he was wise enough to jump at the opportunity, his story changed positively (seeing is believing, why not ask around from the EDC Indonesian Community). Indonesia is not the only nation where EDC is spreading like wildfire, you need to take a look at the Nigerian community. 

Meeting EDC Ambassador in Nigeria 


I was privileged to meet Mr. Joseph Opeyemi an EDC ambassador in Nigeria. Mr. Joseph is an active believer and enthusiast of EDC who loves business and likes to meet new people. He was the one who orchestrated my discussion with Mr. Kamil Mundo an EDC team member. He is kind and approachable. He related to me some amazing achievements of the EDC community in Nigeria. To say the least, EDC has come to stay in Nigeria. Here is an overview of my discussions with Mr. Joe Ope as he is fondly called. 

Ayobami99: Can I meet you?

Mr. Joe Ope: My name is Apata Opeyemi Joseph.  I am a Nigerian, I love doing business, meeting and helping people.

Ayobami99: How did you get to know about EDC?

Mr. Joe Ope: I got to know about EDC BLOCKCHAIN my friend Ashafa Mamound, who is my upline.

Ayobami99: How did you become an official EDC ambassador in Nigeria?

Mr. Joe Ope: It's by playing active roles to make people believe that EDC Blockchain is one of the best cryptocurrency in the world and that there are great rewards (daily passive income) to earn from it and also working with great leaders in the community both locally and internationally.

Ayobami99: How has the journey being? (Being an EDC Ambassador in Nigeria)

Mr. Joe Ope: It has been a wonderful experience. And Nigerian leaders are so great, they are doing the work very well. There is great cooperation from the leaders, they are always ready and available to do the work. The performances have been excellent!

Ayobami99: Are there interesting stories of how EDC has changed people's lives in Nigeria?

Mr. Joe Ope: There are so many people whose life EDC blockchain have changed positively in Nigeria. I know some people whose only source of living is from EDC Blockchain. Permit me, I will not like to mention names.

Ayobami99: What are the reactions of Nigerians towards EDC, (especially those who are just knowing about EDC for the first time)?

Mr. Joe Ope: It has been positive. Some people are even saying, "we didn't know something like EDC blockchain is in existence before".  And they are very excited to become partners. They call it "cool money-making machine without stress." As you can see there is steady growth of its acceptance as a means of exchange here in Nigeria for purchase of phones, other gadgets and for processing of travel visas. I commend the Nigeria leaders for the wonderful job they are doing in that area. Many are still coming to accepting it too.

Mr. Joe Ope revealed pictures of some EDC Blockchain use cases in Nigeria as he affirmed: “These pictures are proof of its acceptance.”



Ayobami99: EDC uses cases are springing up rapidly in Nigeria, how do you feel about this?

Mr. Joe Ope: I feel happy about it. It shows that great leaders are working day and night in making sure EDC Blockchain is widely accepted as a means of exchange for goods and services. And it has been yielding positive results.

Ayobami99: Do you have any words for readers, the EDC community in Nigeria and worldwide?

Mr. Joe Ope: EDC Blockchain is the most profitable cryptocurrency that I have ever seen. It's great and profitable. Readers can buy and have EDC blockchain and put it on lease for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months to earn daily rewards in their wallet which they can trade on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies instead of holding coins that do not give them any income daily and wait for its price appreciation. Facts that I know about EDC Blockchain are: 

  • When the price appreciates, the value of your investment and daily incomes appreciate in value.
  • By referring or doing the business part of it which is the most lucrative aspect of EDC blockchain, you can earn rewards for all your efforts. It's an added advantage to your daily income.
  • The transaction only takes a split second with a minimal transaction fee of 0.001edc.
  • Your daily rewards compensate you if the price slightly falls unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.

EDC Blockchain is the best income opportunity that has come to stay.



EDC is a Blockchain, an opportunity, a community, a mindset, a vision, and believe that is changing the lives of many people. 

Special thanks to Mr. Joe Ope who made time out of his busy schedule. EDC is the best !!!

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Thanks for reading, I am Ayobami99

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