I’m chuffed to bits to have become a part of EDC Blockchain! -A chat with EDC Blockchain team Member

By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 21 Aug 2019

! This is a long post but enjoyable. 

EDC is Effective

It is true that the overall effectiveness or characteristics of a community or company are solely dependent on the effectiveness or characteristics of each member of the community or company. The same can be ascertained of EDC Blockchain. Over the past few articles, I affirmed that EDC is a Blockchain with an effective, intelligent, and welcoming community. This will be false if the same cannot be said of each team member. 

Statistically, time and resources may not allow working with a population, therefore random samples are chosen and used to relate to the characteristics of the population. I have chosen a random sample from the EDC blockchain team, to help readers understand what EDC Blockchain team looks like.

A Conversation with Mr. Kamil Mundo


I was privileged to have a fairly deep conversation with Mr. Kamil Mundo, a core team member at EDC Blockchain. He is a translator and Content creator (Videos) at EDC. Our meeting was not coincidental but arranged all thanks to Mr. Joseph Opeyemi, an EDC ambassador in Nigeria. Mr. Joe as he's fondly called is an enthusiastic, effective, and intelligent member of the EDC blockchain community (My next article will feature him). 

Our discussion spanned some interesting new developments on EDC, some questions from the community and his opinion about EDC. Let's dive right in:

Ayobami99: Can I meet you?

Kamil: My name is Kamil Mundo, I speak 14 languages, I do some translations and videos for EDC

Ayobami99: It must be great being a team member of a coin that has Millions of users around the world,  How do you feel working at EDC?

Kamil: I’m chuffed to bits to have become a part of EDC Blockchain. It’s a great honor for me to be able to work for the sake of a big community that is growing exponentially from day to day being a part of the community myself. I feel great working at EDC. It feels like I’m living my dream, really

Ayobami99: What motivates you, personally, about EDC?

Kamil: I do really believe that EDC has great potential and it holds vast promise for everyone around here, every society and for each of us individually. I’m looking forward to seeing our community grow to billions of users and becoming a global trend. Obviously, that is what motivates me most: to become a part of global success.

Ayobami99: From your LinkedIn profile, it says that you can speak multiple major languages, How has this affected your work scope seeing EDC is literally all over the world?

Kamil: Well, I think this is one of the main reasons I’m a part of EDC Blockchain team. I can literally learn a new language within two or three weeks which gives me a headstart in anything I do. I love to study history, my nanny (grandma) had always been telling me stories about our nation and other stuff. When I was a kid I loved to read about the history of other nations. I always try to find some beneficial qualities of one nation as a whole and instill some virtues in myself and teach others.

Ayobami99: Let's talk about EDC. EDC has lately rolled out some updates to its term like increasing the minimum leasing amount to 30000EDC, Updates on sending transactions, etc. Which of these excites you most and why?

Kamil: Everything that happens with us as a community excites me big because I can see the purpose behind all of this. Everything that is been done here is done for the sake of success, development, and improvement of usability and quality.

Ayobami99: In your opinion, which of these updates excites the community most and why?

Kamil: I’ve talked to many people from different countries in our community and most people say that 30 thousand to be a minimum amount to be leased is exciting because now they can see that the project is looking far beyond the scope and inflation is to be decreased with such activities. And of course, many of us are waiting for an application. I can tell you it’s in the process, surely, iOS app is something that is not so easy to launch as opposed to Android apps. But anyway our programmers are working really hard, day and night to make our lives less complicated when we interact with the wallet.

Ayobami99: Some people think that EDC will further increase the minimum leasing amount,  is this true, or can you comment about that?

Kamil: I don’t know why people are thinking that way. No representative has commented on that. We are a big community and of course, everyone has his own opinion and sometimes we can witness rumors that are definitely far from the truth which is also an indication of success. You know, when I look at my hand I see five different fingers, people are like that, divergence in opinions is always good for the sake of development. So when I look at the project from a different perspective I can see how big we are already and I’m delighted to be part of it.

Ayobami99: With the anonymous sending, code package and red envelope package, is it ok to assume that EDC will one day go into CHARITY?

Kamil: EDC is always looking for ways to benefit society as a big project. And I’ve seen some cases within the community that charity actions are being made by leaders of our community. I appreciate the fact that we have so many committed leaders who are always doing things to make everyone happy. And charity is one of those things that make everyone elated and thrilled with each other.

Ayobami99: EDC is rapidly evolving, where do you see it in the next few years?

Kamil: I see myself being part of a bigger community with tens of millions of people who are committed and happy

Ayobami99: Do you have a message for all supporters of EDC worldwide? 

Kamil: Be always happy and appreciate what you have! Strive for a better future, always try to find ways to improve yourselves and never be afraid of mistakes and failures because it doesn’t matter if you fell, it’s always crucial to keep going! 

(Kamil translates his concluding words into fourteen languages!)

Tsuneni shiawase ni nari, anata ga motte iru mono ni kansha shimasu! Yoriyoi mirainotameni doryoku shi, tsuneni jibun jishin o kaizen suru hoho o mitsuke, machigai ya shippai o osorenai yo ni shite kudasai. Tento shita ka do ka wa kankei arimasen. 常に幸せになり、あなたが持っているものに感謝します! より良い未来のために努力し、常に自分自身を改善する方法を見つけ、間違いや失敗を恐れないようにしてください。転倒したかどうかは関係ありません。


永远快乐,欣赏你拥有的一切! 为了更美好的未来,总是试图找到改善自己的方法,永远不要害怕错误和失败,因为如果你失败并不重要,继续前进至关重要!


Selalu bahagia dan hargai apa yang Anda miliki! Berjuang untuk masa depan yang lebih baik, selalu berusaha menemukan cara untuk meningkatkan diri sendiri dan jangan pernah takut akan kesalahan dan kegagalan karena tidak masalah jika Anda jatuh, selalu penting untuk terus maju!


¡Sé siempre feliz y aprecia lo que tienes! Esfuérzate por un futuro mejor, siempre trata de encontrar maneras de mejorar y nunca tenga miedo de los errores y fracasos porque no importa si caísteis, ¡siempre es crucial seguir adelante a cualquier precio!


Her zaman mutlu ol ve sahip olduklarına şükretmeyi unutma! Daha iyi bir gelecek için gayret göster, her zaman kendini geliştirmek için yollar bulmaya çalış ve asla hata ve başarısızlıklardan korkma, çünkü düştüğünüzün önemi yoktur, sürekli devam etmek daha önemlidir!


كن سعيدًا دائمًا ونقدر ما لديك!  نسعى جاهدين من أجل مستقبل أفضل ، وحاول دائمًا العثور على طرق لتحسين أنفسكم وألا تخف أبدًا من الأخطاء والفشل لأنه لا يهم إذا سقطت ، فمن المهم دائمًا الاستمرار!


Seja sempre feliz e aprecia o que tens! Luta pelo futuro melhor, sempre tenta encontrar maneiras de melhorar a si mesmo e nunca tenha medo de erros e fracassos, porque não importa se caíste, mais crucial é continuar!

Будьте всегда счастливы и цените то, что имеете! Стремитесь к лучшему будущему, всегда пытайтесь найти способы улучшить себя и никогда не боитесь ошибок и неудач, ведь не имеет значения, если вы упали, всегда важно продолжать идти вперёд несмотря ни на что!

Будьте завжди щасливі і цінуйте те, що маєте! Прагніть до кращого майбутнього, завжди намагайтеся знайти способи поліпшити себе і ніколи не боїтеся помилок і невдач, адже не має значення, якщо ви впали, завжди важливо продовжувати йти вперед незважаючи ні на що!


Soyez toujours heureux et appréciez ce que vous avez! Efforcez-vous d’avoir un avenir meilleur, essayez toujours de trouver des moyens de vous améliorer et de ne jamais avoir peur des erreurs et des échecs, car peu importe si vous tombez, il est toujours crucial de continuer!


Sei immer glücklich und schätze, was du hast! Strebe nach einer besseren Zukunft, versuche immer Wege zu finden, dich zu verbessern und habe keine Angst vor Fehlern und Misserfolgen, denn es ist egal, ob du fällst, es ist immer entscheidend, weiterzumachen!


Sii sempre felice e apprezza quello che hai! Cerca il futuro migliore, cerca sempre di trovare modi per migliorare te stesso e non aver mai paura di errori e fallimenti perché non importa se cadi, è sempre fondamentale andare avanti!

ہمیشہ خوش رہو اور جو کچھ بھی ہے اس کی تعریف کرو!  بہتر مستقبل کے لئے جدوجہد کریں ، ہمیشہ اپنے آپ کو بہتر بنانے کی کوشش کریں اور کبھی بھی غلطیوں اور ناکامیوں سے نہ ڈرو کیونکہ اس سے کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا ہے کہ اگر آپ گر گئے تو ، یہ جاری رکھنا ہمیشہ ہی ضروری ہے!

항상 행복하고 당신이 무엇을 주셔서 감사합니다!  더 나은 미래를 위해 노력하고, 항상 자신을 향상 시키려고 노력하고 실수와 실패를 두려워하지 마십시오.



Anyone who followed through with the interview can conclude that EDC is up to something according to their vision of increasing the community size. You can see from the words of Mr. Kamil Mundo that EDC is always working to make everyone financially free. Of a truth, EDC is striving to become the best blockchain that rewards its community every day even without mining tools. 

Are you willing to know more about EDC Blockchain or Ask questions? The EDC support is always available to answer your queries, Follow the links below:

Website | Telegram | Twitter  


Thanks for reading through, I am Ayobami99. Till next time, STAY POSITIVE, KEEP MINNING ON LPoS! 

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