A Salary Earner took a loan to Buy EDC coins. Read What happened a year Later!!!

By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 26 Dec 2019

Moving forward or being successful in life and business is the culmination of decisions in the right direction. Most of these decisions are crazy at first thought to ninety-nine per cent of people. But successful people never cared about it, they just moved on and worked towards achieving their goals. Some of the successful people we know today took a leap of faith at their vision and it worked. 

Mr Lanre and EDC


EDC Blockchain has been transforming financial visions and dreams into reality. But the people whose stories are interesting the most are the people who took a leap of faith in the first instance. I cannot help but share an inspiring and uplifting story of Mr Lanre,  an EDC community member from Nigeria who went out of his way to make a decision that will later turn his life around. 

He was just a regular salary earner in 2016 when he came in contact with EDC Blockchain- an opportunity that will soon spur him to make a very big decision that will transform his future. He continued with EDC till November 2018 when he saw the need to break off getting crumbs. He wanted to be financially free. Being a part of a revolutionary blockchain platform with huge potential and encouraged by two of the EDC Blockchain Nigerian leaders- Mr Jegede and Mr Joe Ope. He saw a future through his dreams and desires. 

This spurred him to take a huge decision, he decided to take a loan from the company cooperative body where he was working. In his own words he said:

“I started far back 2016 and in November 2018 I took a loan from my company corporative to buy more EDC, which I almost completely refunded.”

To him, back in the fall of 2018, it was reasonable to take a loan lease it and get 12% monthly, before the end of one year he would have been able to pay back the loan and the interest. And he was totally right as he has almost completely finished paying off the loan. And according to him, he has even profited so much from his decision:

But I have made more than 300% of the investment by now

How his Coworkers felt about his Decision 

To his co-workers at first, it was a really stupid dream. Many people would have advised him if they heard him when he wanted to make the decision, ‘you could have taken a loan to buy something else, a car, land, etc. Not investing in something you don't know’. But now they are asking him the secret to his success story.

According to him, when his coworkers come to him for financial help, he would refer them to EDC:

Most of the time when my colleagues are complaining of salary, they always look up to me and my response to them is ‘come and join EDC and live a better life’...

The truth is that salary is a cage, a restriction to making progress. Unless you break loose, even if you are the boss, you may not be successful. Only the wise have seen a better way out: either to save up or take out a loan to make an investment. The former is quite hard and impossible for people who are responsible for their immediate and extended families. But the later have come easy for many workers who are hell-bent on making a difference. It may be very rough at first but it'll be worth it in the end. To Mr Lanre, his goal now is to help his coworkers see the truth in buying and leasing EDC Coins:

my target is to bring almost all my coworkers into EDC because of my experience from it

His friends' Predisposition 



Mr Lanre went further to tell me of his experience sharing the EDC blockchain good news with his friends he said:

...when I introduced EDC to my friends outside my office most of then are afraid because of what happened to MMM but I told them that this EDC COIN is reliable. But when they saw changes in my life, they are the ones asking questions about it now…

MMM was a pyramid platform that aimed at giving the opportunity for members of its community to help each other through peer-to-peer donations and interests to those who were faithful. So true and working at first but came crashing after just a year of operation with many of its users losing millions of Naira (thousands of dollars). Mr Lanre has, through his experience with EDC blockchain, changed the mindset of his friends who were unbelieving at first. His conclusion was:

“I have never seen any investment that will give 100% RoI (Return on Investment) and reliable like this within a year. I never regret investing by buying EDC in 2018. I believe EDC has done a good thing to my life and the best is yet to come in the year 2020”

About EDC Blockchain 

Every Day Coin (EDC) is a blockchain that operates on Leasing Proof of Stake. This algorithm allows it to scale faster than many top blockchains. It processes 10,000 transactions per second. It also allows members of the blockchain or holders of the coin to lease a minimum of 30,000 coins for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months and gain 7, 9, or 11% of their leasing amount per month respectively and paid daily into the user's wallet (0.23%, 0.3%, or 0.367% of leasing amount is paid daily into user's wallet according to the leasing period of 3 months, 6months, or 12 months). This is apart from the amount leased initially which will be returned at the end of the leasing period. 

According to the latest developments, as from January 2020, the minimum leasing amount will be $300 worth of EDC which is approximately 47000EDC according to the market price as at the time of writing. 

EDC leasing

The number of returns paid into users wallet will also reduce to 6, 8, or 10% according to the leasing period. This will continue to reduce every quarter of 2020. Find out more here. This will only affect those who will start leasing next year. It means if you start leasing your EDC coins in these last few days of 2019 you will still enjoy the 7, 9, 11% monthly returns.

EDC coins come with many other use cases, some of which I have written about on this blog and many others you can find out by reading the EDC Blockchain news

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This article is not financial advice nor is it intended to advise you financially. All the contents are to be taken for information and educational purposes. Meet your financial advisor for financial advice. 


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