MRST mining app.

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MRST mining app.

Distribution from the metaverse of Mars. At the moment, you can brand their MRST coins in the application, as well as start mining.

▪Metaverse on Mars, which has bars, restaurants, cinemas and other "attributes" that cost real money. The project is at the launch stage and is already at the top of the list of all metaverse projects

>Google Play/App Store

- We go into the application, in the first line we enter: REF. CODE  (Cryptospace) Without a referral code, it will not be missed!
- Next to it will be the second field, leave it untouched!
- Next, we go through the registration (between the name and email, enter the nickname that will be in the application), enter the phone - we get the code.

▪The project team consists of former Samsung Director, Hyundai Senior Scientist, Google employee, Opensea and many others.

⌛ Release Date: Unknown (Soon)

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