Learn & Earn quizzes into select GetSmart articles. You’ll earn up to 5000 SATs of Bitcoin.

By Cryptospacepro | Cryptospacepro | 28 Apr 2021

Learn & Earn quizzes into select GetSmart articles. You’ll earn 1000 SATs of Bitcoin whenever you complete any of these three-question quizzes—deposited directly to your CoinSmart account. 5000 SATs are up for the taking. And many more articles are in the works.

Here are your next steps to earn your FREE Satoshis:

Click the button below and choose an article from the list to read.
Answer every single question in the quiz correctly - easy if you've read the article.
Be sure to use the email associated with coinsmart.
You can only attempt each quiz twice in a 24-hr period.
Quiz results will be emailed to you - check to confirm you've gotten 100%.
Important: You must have a registered account on Coinsmart to receive your funds. Note: A verified account is required to trade or withdraw funds.

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