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By Cryptospacepro | Cryptospacepro | 8 Feb 2021

GoodDollar believes that "digital basic income can work at scale, while effecting positive change on a global level.

A nonprofit initiative that leverages decentralized finance as a means to offer a digital income for its users has announced that people have now claimed more than 14 million of its tokens.

According to a Wednesday announcement, the universal basic income, or UBI, project from GoodDollar has reached more than 40,000 people from 180 countries since it launched in September. The project reported that more than half of the participants were claiming its reserve-based token, G$, every day. 14 million tokens have been claimed so far.

The project mints its G$ tokens through interest generated by third-party permissionless protocols from a basket of crypto assets. Individuals and corporate supporters receive market-rate yield payouts in G$, and a daily amount is set aside for distribution as digital UBI for GoodDollar participants.


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