Distribution from the new exchange of the token 10000 BTCX We are in a hurry to get it. Simple registration, no KYC.

By Cryptospacepro | Cryptospacepro | 27 Feb 2022

Airdrop programs are quite a good way to earn some free coins or tokens in the crypto world.


As such, the BTC6X exchange has seen to it that its users can benefit from an airdrop program and earn free tokens. Such that for each new user that registers in this trading platform, 10,000 free BTCX tokens will be awarded.

The exact way that this airdrop program works is actually quite easy and straightforward. You only need to registered in the exchange using your email address, and there isn’t even a need for KYC process. And then voila, you will automatically receive the 10,000 tokens.

But where do the tokens go? The tokens will be charged to your wallet in the BTC6X exchange.

BTC6X exchange offers an excellent built-in crypto wallet that supports a wide variety of digital currencies. Thus making it much easier for users to store, deposit, and withdraw coins and tokens inside the exchange.

Of course, one of the tokens that is supported by the built-in wallet of the BTC6X exchange is the BTCX token.

By going to the wallet section in the website after registration, you can see that you have been given 10,000 tokens.

But what is exactly valuable about these tokens? Well, these tokens are the tokens of the exchange itself. This is exactly what makes them extremely valuable. There is an establishment behind these tokens, which makes them even more valuable and a good way to invest, since their value could only increase as the exchange develops even further.

So, you can use this chance and get as much as 10 thousand free BTCX tokens only by registering in the BTC6X exchange.



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