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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 2 Mar 2019


YellA, the first decentralised promotional agency is now operational. It opened its doors on 1 March 2019. This is a revolutionary way of promoting and advertisement. Being decentralised means that it will not encounter delays due to middlemen and internal hierarchical constraints.


YellA is offering unique opportunities to two groups of people and firms. It is offering opportunities to experienced bloggers, marketers and writers. These people are required to supplement hundreds of its existing pool of writers, bloggers and marketers, who are on the forefront of promotional campaigns.

The writers are recruited from all countries of the world according to set quotas. The role of writers is to draft promotional materials for advertisers and other clients. Writers cover the major languages of the world.

YellA clients

Clients are the people who have material that needs to be promoted.  Websites, referral links, businesses and charity issues can be promoted by YellA. So, anyone or any firm can get service from YellA. The client simply needs to complete the required form.

There is a need to choose a suitable package, depending on your budget. There are some packages catering for the compilation of suitable articles or videos for publications. The shortest article is about 1000 characters and it costs $2 or ether (ETH) or bitcoin equivalent to that.

There is also a publisher package. If you want your article or video to be published on various platforms you pay for the publisher package. The cheapest is $3. So, if you go for the cheapest article package and cheapest publisher package you pay $5.

Remember, you choose the language you want your promotional material to be in. One of the advantages of YellA is that you can request an article in virtually any language on earth. Secondly, the cost is very low.

As for publication, you can choose the platform you want. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. The options are many. The cost of publication depends on the potential readership number.

If you have promotional material, then complete the following form and write Mashell Chapeyama, as your agent, Request for Service Form.

Or go to YellaAgency website.

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