What opportunities lie in the Elven Economy?

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 11 May 2021

At times we call this the levelnaut Economy.

The Elven Coin is a TRC20 coin, meaning it exists on the Tron Blockchain.

We have a total supply of 300 million.

Currently we trade it on – you can buy and sell it there.


Elven is a utility token: This is because people use it to buy goods and services in our platforms.

We have , where you buy advertising space using the Elven Coin

We also have : This is our social platform. People earn coins for creating active groups.

There is also, where people buy educational packages, to learn about investment opportunities online.


Ambassador program

Our ambassador program provides an opportunity for people to earn the Elven coin from their active participation.

Community Manager: This is someone who creates an active group focusing on the Elven Coin. This group should be in his/her native language.

Content creators: We work with individuals who create content for us. The content include articles, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, podcast and videos.

Influencers: These are people focusing on posting material on social media platforms. They repost articles already published on our social media sites.

Our ambassador telegram group:


Investment opportunities

The most glaring investment opportunity is that of liquidity provision.

Simply visit and provide liquidity to the TRX/ELVEN pair.

Partnerships and advisors

We are searching for more partners. Interested parties can visit our telegram chatgroup: .As a new organisation, the company is inviting individuals, knowledgeable and experienced in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain to be part of the team. By joining the telegram group, you can send a message to the admin for more details.

Our community

Get connected with all Elven Coin news on our social channels and chatrooms.

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