Web Token Profit Offers a Complete crypto investment package

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 20 Mar 2021

Web Token Profit is a future oriented company where people invest in cryptocurrencies. It is my perception that it offers a comprehensive package. A comprehensive package is one that has different portfolios to meet the needs of investors. For your own information, Web Token Profit operates in the cryptocurrency space.

In other words, people can invest their cryptocurrencies with Web Token Profit. This company has its own internal tokens which include CGC and WEC, which are already listed on major exchanges. They are also found on CoinMarketCap. Why do I say it has a comprehensive investment package? Read on for the answer.

Comprehensive Package

Yes, Web Token Profit has a comprehensive package. First, you need to understand that this company has more than 7 interrelated investment platforms, covering staking, yield farming, trading, short term investments, long term investments and mining among others. What it means is that once you start investing with this company, you choose a diversity of investment options.

Here are the individual components of the package:

ProfitBot: This is a short to medium investment platform. This is so because when you commit your money there, you only take the principal amount after 200 days. However, the good thing is that you can withdraw your interest at any time, even after 5 days. Above this, you can reinvest the interest, this results in compounding.

The minimum interest rate you earn is 0.07% per day. However, with some packages you earn 1% per day. To know more visit ProfitBot.

Golden Ratio: This is an investment platform whose returns are determined by the Fibonacci ratio. It is in form of matrix investment. This one is a long term investment as you can only get your money after 200 days. You cannot withdraw your earnings until this period expires.

Crypto-Accelerator: This is a darling platform for many people. It is a crypto mining site. You invest WEC through staking. Therefore, it is a staking and yield farming platform. You stake any amount of WEC you have and earn daily rewards.

It has also yield farming components, where you stake pairs and earn higher grades of assets such as Accelerator (ACC), which is a highly regarded asset in the WECCO economy. The entire Web Token Profit system is popularly referred as the WECCO economy. 

Project 10/90: This is a unique investment platform with higher returns in the short term and long term.

WECAUTO: This is an investment platform earmarked for people who want to buy vehicles. Depending on your investment amount, you can buy a vehicle at 30% of its price by investing a sum of money for 12 months.

Web Token Profit: This is the main investment platform. You put in your money and it earns daily returns.  

Coin Galaxy: This is Web Token Profit’s own crypto exchange, with more than 10 pairs. When you trade, the company gives you additional returns. However, the best thing about Coin Galaxy is its shareholding program. If you buy and stake its internal token, you become its shareholder or part owner. This gives you the opportunity to earn monthly dividends.

The other good part about Coin Galaxy is that its commission rate is very small, about 0.15%.

It has other investment platforms such Checkler and CyberWec. These are additional opportunities to invest and earn.

PuzzleMarket: This project shall be the greatest in this company. This is because it is a platform built alongside the business lines of Amazon, EBay and Etsy, to name a few. It is an ecommerce platform, where people will buy goods and services using WEC. Once this platform takes off the value of the WEC will rise. Currently the WEC trades at a range of $2.5 to $12.

As a matter of fact, WEC is listed on BTC-Alpha and WhiteBIT, among others.

Community support

The other unique model of Web Token Profit is its community support and mentorship scheme. Once you join the company, there are people who teach you everything you need to do. They teach you for free, using social media platforms such as telegram and Facebook.

Why is Web Token Profit a complete investment package?

Have you noted why? Let me now summarize the investment opportunities of Web Token Profit.

ProfitBot: Short term investment at about 1% return per day.

Crypto-Accelerator: For mining and staking cryptocurrencies

Coin Galaxy: This is a trading platform

WECCAUTO: Investment platform to get a vehicle of your choice at 30% of its price within a year.

Web Token Profit: Medium term investment platform

Project10/90: High return medium term investment site

Golden ratio: High return long term investment site.

The point is that all these are investment portfolios within Web Token Profit. We are currently waiting for the biggest of them all, PuzzleMarket.






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