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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 25 Feb 2021

People who are not well-versed with Upland may view it as a mere gaming platform. Of course, it is a gaming platform with amazing features. However, it is much more than that. There are big investment opportunities. You can better understand it when you study the Upland roadmap.

Studying the road map is like fast forwarding an interesting television script. One day, I took much time to study the Upland roadmap. It’s amazing. Definitely, 2021 has much in store for us all.

Remember, this is a game

We are very much aware of the scope of Upland NFT economy. In fact, Upland is a gaming site with very innovative features.  Powered by the EOS blockchain, Upland enables players to own properties from their land. In fact, that is the scope of the game.

Players buy and own land. With time, they develop the land through constructing properties like houses or commercial buildings. It is important to understand that, this is a game, where people acquire land and develop properties there.   

And as part of the game, people buy and sell land. For instance, someone buys the land and develops it, then sell it to earn money, which is in the form of virtual currency or cryptocurrency called UPX. So, an undeveloped land is very cheap. Upon purchasing it, an individual gets the details, such as a real physical address. For example, I purchased land on 2973 Cornell Avenue, Fresno, CA. As you can see, this is a virtual address, which represent real land. But remember, this is a game.

I am emphasizing this to expel the notion that at Upland, people buy land and develop properties in the United States of America or somewhere else. That land exists in the virtual space and gamified.

Earning income

However, as you play this game you earn real tokens, the UPX, which you can use. You buy undeveloped land and construct property and sell it at a higher price in UPX. Alternatively, you can buy a fully developed land and own it.

When you earn at least 10 000 UPX or property worthy this, you can get an Uplander status which gives you the privilege to trade your virtual properties and earn income.

Therefore, the Upland game involves trading virtual properties. This allows you to own in-game assets which have value.  

Major milestones in 2021

Let’s look at a few important milestones for 2021. Of course, there are many more essential developments to come, beyond 2021.

Community involvement

Starting this year, 2021, community members will give feedback to the Upland team on various issues for the purpose of development. For example, members will suggest some features they want. The feedback is given through conversations and forums, such as on Discord. Upland has set aside 15% of its resources to interact with the community.


Introduction of a token: Spark Token

As an NFTs economy, Upland needs to have a viable virtual currency. The spark token will power the entire Upland economy. It is this token that drives the development of virtual properties on the land acquired by members.  

Development of structures

People will construct their virtual properties and own them. These structures are tethered to NFTs, which are tradable.  The good thing about these structures is that the builders can easily shift them around on a specific piece of land, to take suitable position depending on needs.

Application development

The application used to manage the NFTs will be launched in 2021. By using this application, the players are able to view and access the NFTs they own. Members will be able to upload the tokens that represent the NFTs on Upland. These NFTs can be used inside properties, for example, for decorations. Thus these NFTS will be traded among players.

Economic gains through rewards

The question, you may have is:  how can I benefit?

Yes, you can benefit. Pay particular attention on this part. Earlier on, we talked about the Spark token. Right. Now, there will be an exchange for these tokens. The players who do not have a need to use some of the SPARK tokens stake them and earn UPX.

The Spark Token will be used to reward players for their advancement or progression in the game. Just like in real world games, players receive rewards. That will take place as well within Upland.

Other features

Of course, there shall be various features which make this game interesting. For instance there are car NFTs, outdoor décor shops, Art NFT, cafes and NFT art galleries. There shall also be many services rendered as part of the game such as car dealerships, home experiences and spawn collection. The truth is that, there is much at stake at Upland. And of course, a lot of learning too.


Upland as a gaming platform has much to offer to the community, inducing pleasure to participants. More so, apart from being a game, it creates great business opportunities for players and the rest of community members.


Upland has an active community. For greater details visit the following sites:


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