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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 15 May 2021

Great news. UFARM, through cohort 7 has come to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Many people are crazy about Binance for its low transaction fees.

In response to the public demand, UniFarm opened this opportunity for you, stakers. In case you are new to UniFarm, it is a staking platform of choice, where you stake one coin and earn 5.

The staking platform is It is convenient for you to start staking as you only need to connect your wallet to the app. Anyway, by now, you should know that UniFarm is the staking destination of many a people.

UniFarm translates its motto: “One farm to rule them all,” into practice. Interestingly, the interpretation of this simple motto is that you stake a single coin or token and yield 5 of them. Amazing.

It is just like a farmer who harvests multiple fruits from one piece of land. Sorry for the noise. However the point stands. You invest one coin and get of 5 tokens.

With Cohort 7, there are interesting and hot tokens. Here are the five incredible tokens that landed on Binance Smart Contract on 11 may 2021.

UNIDO: UNIDO is known for its role in providing security and governance problems in the dApps, thereby enhancing better investment opportunities. The token UDO will skyrocket as UNIDO services are in high demand.

Cook Protocol: This is a cross chain asset management protocol developed to meet the needs of professional asset managers and investors. This is created to enhance DeFi innovations. Its native token is $COOK.

Umbrella Network: This is a decentralized oracle service provider, which is highly secure and scalable. The native token is $UMB

OpenDefi: OpenDefi offers asset backed banking services, with no hidden charges. It is convenient to access banking services with OpenDefi, as there are no complicated procedures. The native token is $ORO.

Here is how it works.

Let’s say you have staked $UFARM, which is UniFarm’s native token. The earning structure will be as follows:

In week 1, you earn $UFARM only.

In week 2, you earn $UFARM plus $ORO

In week 3, you earn $UFARM + $ORO + $COOK

In week 4, you earn $UFARM + $ORO + $COOK + $UDO

In week 5, you earn $UFARM + $ORO + $COOK + $UDO + $UMB

Therefore, as time progresses you earn more and more. But you cannot get more than 5 coins or tokens. 5 Is the maximum number but the APY is up to 250%.

Apart from earning these incredible coins what are the other benefits?

Here are the added benefits:

You can unstake them at any time.

However, you can stake your cryptocurrency up to 180 days.

The APY is between 36% and 250%. The longer the period you stake the more you earn.


Have you envisioned how much you benefit for staking your coins at UniFarm? And have you imagined how much you lose by not staking the coins? And in the end what is your choice?

If your choice is as good as mine, you stake your tokens at


You get all the details in the telegram chatroom:






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