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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 15 Mar 2019

This is more of personal experience on the journey to successful writing. I have looked on my personal side, but there are other sides which my colleagues can tell. The journey I travelled in the writing arena has enhanced me to team up with a number of other experts to create a forum that should help the African budding writer.


Why the African Continent?

There is no doubt that we, Africans are behind in many aspects, even in the literary field. I did a number of writing courses, back in days, around 2000. When I sought for writing courses, there was no such a course in my country by that time. So I resorted to studying with the Writers' Bureau ( UK). The courses were very expensive, but I had no choice. I spent more than seven years, doing self-paced courses in writing.

However, after completing my first two courses with this UK-based institution, I sought for a course at home. There was only one course offered in Zimbabwe, back them. The course was conducted by FOMO Arts Promotion, based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This was a two-year course.

After, its successful completion, I still had the ambition to do more writing courses. The next course I got was being offered by Intec College (South Africa).

The point of telling you all this is to show how much Africa lacks.

Can this course really help anyone to succeed in writing?

My experience shows that writing courses make people succeed in writing. There are a number of reasons for that. First, you get confidence after completing a course. Secondly, you gain the required competency and motivation. Thirdly, if you attend a well-crafted course you get practical experience through the assignments. When you are writing articles, stories and poetry during training, you are already engaged.

For example, with the African Writers' Bureau, you start your writing process, from idea gathering, brainstorming, planning and composing. Then you go to the proofreading and editing stages. So you gain the required experience and exposure during the training.

I started writing when I was in high school. We had our writers' club. After, going through my tertiary education, I became very serious with writing. We formed many writers' associations. For instance, I joined the Zimbabwe Budding Writers' Association, where I participated for decades.

I also joined the Academic Writers' Association of Zimbabwe, then later joined the Zimbabwe Writers' Association. Why am I telling all this anywhere? I want to illustrate one point. When I participated in all these associations, I got acquainted with many aspiring writers. However, most of these budding writers never made it. They gave up on the way. I have gone this far because I attended various writing courses.

The good thing is that during these courses, you get encouragement and personal guidance.

Having witnessed how my peers gave up miserably on their hopes, I mulled the idea of helping like-minded people by offering them the opportunity to study how to write. With my colleagues, we came up with this noble idea of establishing a platform for helping aspiring writers, through coaching and mentoring.

What is the African Writers' Bureau's target?

We intend to help aspiring writers by giving them access to information and through coaching and mentoring. Our aim is to craft courses in all genres.

What about Payment?

Payment shall be made through various means. We allow payment in fiat currency as well as cryptocurrencies. Each country has its payment arrangement suitable to it. This is because every country has its own representatives to coordinate things. Remember you access the reading material for free. The payment is only for personal guidance and mentoring.

Everyone has a role to play

We have many stakeholders and participants. Each one has a role to play. Agents are responsible for spreading information about the African Writers' Bureau. Of course, they stand an opportunity to earn according to their performance.

We are still looking for country representatives and agents in most African countries. If you want more information join our groups. We have Facebook, LinkedIn and Telegram groups

Even if you are not interested in taking any of these roles, we request your guidance. You can pass the information around or repost the article on your groups, on Facebook and Twitter among others.

Get more information here

You can also visit the blog AWB

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