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GATA Protocol is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) whose motive is to solve many existing problems which people face such as sickness and lack of knowledge, utilizing the blockchain technology.  It solves these problems through the development of decentralized applications and projects which enhance the exchange of value among people.

 Helping people to attain the best possible welfare is the driving force behind GATA Protocol. This is in line with its name GATA, an acronym for “Good Acts To All.” It achieves this by creating and sustaining  a social economy and community of like-minded people whose motive is to promote the wellness of all people, young and old, males and females.

Global reach with a touch of humanity

GATA Protocol aims to create a completely decentralized society where people work at the same level, irrespective of their social, political, educational, geographical and religious backgrounds. We treat one another equally with dignity and respect. By doing this, people help one another, thereby having a shared intent which moves us  collectively to a better future. For us to understand the vision of Gata Protocol, let’s focus on a few examples of the decentralized applications and projects which will uplift the lives of people globally.

Our products and projects

Our focus is to develop decentralized applications (dApps) and projects which help in solving existing human problems. The range of the products may increase incrementally as the team identifies existing and emerging problems that threaten human existence. Some of its products are IT related services and are instrumental for community building and decentralisation. Specific examples of our products are Gata Care, Gata College, Gata Commerce, Gata Real estate and Gata grants.

Gata care:  This involves a decentralized application which promotes patient-to- medical practitioners seamless interaction and exchange of value. Basically, this product entails secure and reliable communication between healthcare service providers and their patients. For instance, the application enables the patient and the practitioner to share information in the form of doctors’ reports, regular checkups and prescriptions. This information is shared transparently, securely and privately through the blockchain.

Gata College: This is a decentralized learning institution where people, young and old have the choice to learn various concepts which are related to the blockchain system and the internet of things. These courses equip the learners with the right skills and expertise to participate in the blockchain economy and society. Interestingly, after successful completion of the courses, the participants get non-fungible certificates.

Gata Commerce: This is a blockchain based platform for people to interact and share their products and services in a trustless manner. Users will love this because it eliminates intermediaries, streamlines blockchain transactions and reduces the complexities of trading goods and services.

Gata Real Estate:  This is a platform for tokenizing physical things or real world assets. Therefore, people can trade the tokens, thus investing in real world assets without owning them. For example, people can tokenize houses or business premises.

GATA Token

Our native token is $GATA which drives our ecosystem and opens up various investment opportunities. For example, the token holders can stake it and earn interest. They can also participate in governance of the protocol through making development proposals as well as voting. In addition, like many other cryptocurrencies, the $GATA is a store of value and a medium of exchange. In the GATA Protocol economy, people make payments using the $GATA token.

The maximum total supply of $GATA, a hyper deflationary token which exists on the AURORA blockchain, is 5,000,000,000. This token will crossover to other EVM chains, creating convenience for our members and the universal blockchain economy. The immediate task before us is the $GATA airdrop programme. We are all free to participate.

Gata protocol Airdrop

GATA Protocol will soon carry out an airdrop of its token to wallet holders. This airdrop is a free distribution of our token, $GATA, to users who meet the simple requirements including having the suitable wallets, which are Metamask and Token Pocket. Therefore, individuals should set up their Aurora Blockchain wallets.

Here is a simple guide on how to connect Aurora wallet to Metamask:

To do so, go to Metamask settings and click on Networks.

Then click on Add Networks and input the following information:

Network Name: Aurora


ChainID: 1313161554

Symbol: ETH




The GATA Protocol is a decentralized autonomous organization which aims to revolutionise community growth and develop a decentralized social economy. Its vision is to better the welfare of humanity through using the blockchain technology to build applications and projects that add utility to the community. In order to achieve its vision, GATA Protocol uses its token, $GATA, to power its platform. Early wallet holders will be able to get airdrops and giveaways. In all, GATA Protocol, through its projects and dApps, will offer life changing services to people around the globe. 



The GATA Protocol community keeps on expanding. To join the community follow our social media platforms:










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