Short Story Writing Contest ($30) - Paid in Cryptos

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 4 Sep 2020


Web TokenProfit is holding a short story writing competition.

You are paid in cryptocurrency, which you invest. From there you earn interest every day. What a best way to start investing online in a well paying company.

The following is a short story I submitted. The short story should be between 1 000 and 1 500 characters.

If you want more information join the telegram group:



Honey Hunting Escapade 

My heart throbbed audibly as I ran up the hill, gasping and panting. I could hear John’s voice, shrilling in pain, saying, “Don’t leave me Mashell, these bees will kill me.”


I had no time to pay attention to his yelling for help. It was a moment of one man for himself and God for us all. After all, it was his idea for us to go honey hunting, in broad daylight, with no protective clothes.



I could hear my friend John, a short, stout boy, gasping for breath as he dashed behind me. I gazed once to see how he was doing. He looked as if he was covered by a brownish cloth in bee colours.  My heart missed a beat as I darted through a thicket of prickly pears.


The bees had turned vicious after only a few minutes of our honey harvesting, from a bee colony packed between two granite rocks.


At last, the bees were all over me with their painful stings. Like my friend, John, I cried loudly, with echoes I could hear from the nearby curves. I sped like I had never done before in my life, heading towards the nearby flooded river.


Since I was an expert in our swimming studies at high school class, I jumped into the raging water. Within the depth of the water, I smiled with relief, but my other thoughts were with my friend.


When I raised my eyes, I saw him swimming in backstrokes towards me.  





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